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Prep Blog Review: House Projects To Start In The Spring

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I love spring! Is the perfect time to start new projects around the house, in my garden, for my homestead, and take my prepping goals to the next level. Every new project means learning a new survival skill or practicing an old one, and you can transform these projects into a fun family activity.



If you are having some extra time and you are looking for cool, fun and easy spring prepper projects, for this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered four articles on this topic.


Do you have other spring projects on the way? Share them in the comment section!


1. 50+ Things You Can Make Using Essential Oils


7dbfbbec6943673cae8f0e54b743ee8b57672665.jpg“While essential oils have been used for aromatherapy for hundreds of years, these all-natural scents are seeing a spike in popularity as more people are learning about their de-stressing and energizing abilities.


Derived from plants or flowers, most often through steam distillation, essential oils can be used to make scented candles, oil diffusers, even pest repellants.


To show you all the possibilities a little bottle of essential oil holds, we rounded up some of our favorite things to make with essential oils—along with our guides to picking the right scent.”


Read more on Apartment Therapy.


2. Making Furniture and Other Structures With Sticks


“If you’re living off the grid, chances are you are in a rustic setting and possibly/most likely have a rustic dwelling, making-furniture-with-sticks-logo.jpgmaybe even a log cabin that you built by hand (that would be awesome).


Well, what would fit with that rustic theme better than rustic furniture?


Clearing the Land


When you make your homestead location, chances are there will be a lot of trees there that you will be cutting down to clear a spot for your home and garden areas.


Besides the heavier logs that come from cutting trees that can be used for making boards, beams, and split rails, you are also going to amass quite a pile of sticks.


No, seriously, there will be a huge pile of sticks. So why not put those sticks to good use? After all, waste not want not, right?”


Read more on Survival Sullivan.


3. The Prepared Home: 5 Prepper Project to Start in the Spring


spring-prepper-projects.jpg“ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, as many of you know, planning is an important aspect of emergency preparedness.


Each year, you should make new plans and practice your new skills.


I wrote an article a little while back about planning (and possibly starting) an icehouse/root cellar during the wintertime.


As of this writing, spring is just around the corner (officially), and the cold weather is starting to retreat bit by bit. We’re going to cover a few ideas for you to pursue during the spring months for building projects around your property.


Let’s jump right into it, with a description of the projects and the reason for building them.”


Read more on Ready Nutrition.


4. Smart Ways to Reuse Things


“My grandparents never threw away a thing that could have been used later on.Reuse-Things.jpg


They were the old time preppers: stockpiling and re-purposing almost everything.


Today we live in a throwaway society, where even our water comes in a disposable, single use bottle.


Electronics and other consumer goods are expected to last until the next, better model comes out.


Our landfills are filling up and this throwaway mentality benefits only the producer who can sell more.”


Read more on Ask A Prepper.








This article has been written by Drew Stratton for Survivopedia.


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