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The best first hand look into ANTIFA

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only law abiding citizens are disarmed this proves it




this is antifa democrats in action


know whos who if your on facebook....


which side of history are you on? and for anyone who says "this isnt democrats" yes it is and your friends with them on occupy democrats i can see your names 18 of you on my friends list you are aligned with an anti american terrorist organization , started by a radical muslim named Omar





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Antifa is a joke. Bunch of commie loving little socialists all butt hurt over an election they didn't even vote in.

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There's so much wrong with these little punks, I don't even know where to begin.


There was an Antifa rally here in Nashville recently that apparently got shut down by the local III%ers. Pretty exciting and I hear they're planning another this month that I may go join other patriots in shutting down.


I'd love to see their faces when I tell them I'm mostly Mexican and both my parents were immigrants from Mexico and the Netherlands.

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