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Will Smart Sensors Turn Your Home Into a Snitch

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Scary and STUPID to give the NSA this kind of head start on the every day invasion of your privacy. Regardless of whether or not you have anything to hide, no American should want to live in a complete police state.


Plug the module into an electrical outlet and it becomes the eyes and ears of the room, its 10 embedded sensors logging information like sound, humidity, electromagnetic noise, motion, and light (the researchers excluded a camera for privacy reasons). Machine learning algorithms translate that data into context-specific information about what’s happening in the room.
can tell you, for example, if you forgot to turn off the oven, how much water your leaky faucet is wasting, or whether your roommate is swiping your snacks.



Source: https://www.wired.com/2017/05/supercharged-sensor-soon-make-homes-scary-smart

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I don't doubt that they would use this tech against us. They already use your cell phone and social media to obtain information. Facebook is a treasure trove of information that people willing put out not just to the government but everyone with a computer.

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