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Prep Blog Review: From Garden To Pantry

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Growing your own food offers you a great feeling of self-reliance. It doesn’t matter if your have a big garden, or you are growing your food indoors, in small containers, as long as you preserve it to feed you and your loved ones through the winter and during harsh times.



With this thing in mind, for this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered four articles on this topic.


1. 20 Plants You Can Turn Into Flour




“In most of the world, wheat is a staple of almost everyone’s diet. Bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, cereal, and even beer all have wheat in them. Because of this, many off gridders are trying to grow their own wheat, but unfortunately, wheat can be difficult to grow depending on the land and climate.


Thankfully there’s a plethora of other plants both wild and domesticated that can be made into flour. Some of these plants are gluten free which can be great for those with sensitivities, but keep in mind they can be quite different to bake with. Gluten is what gives dough made from wheat flour its characteristic stretchiness.”


Read more on Homestead Survival Site.


2. Stock Your Prepper Food Pantry on an Affordable Budget




“If you live in an earthquake-prone region, or one that has seen deadly hurricanes, the devastation will happen again. If you live in a floodplain or an area that has seen tornadoes, you can be sure to experience those events every few years. The densely populated east and west coasts can shut down for a week from a serious storm or mudslide. And deep snow will fall in the mountain states that can affect the infrastructure, making it impassable.


Some of these natural events are commonplace each year, some every few decades, and some may only occur every hundred years. What’s surprising is that too many people still don’t prepare for a serious event they know is likely to occur.”


Read more on Survival Common Sense.


3. How To Make Dandelion Bread




“Nearly every part of the common dandelion, from its brilliant yellow petals, to its roots have been foraged throughout history for food, drink and medicine.


A rich source of beta-carotene, dandelions are also packed with vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Young dandelion leaves are fantastic to eat raw and the roots can be roasted, ground and used in place of coffee. Dandelion extract and tincture is used all over the world to treat ailments from high blood pressure and diabetes to liver complaints. Here you can find another 78 edible flowers to forage.


Dandelions are so easy to gather and it’s worth finding out how many ways you can use them. Pick them somewhere that hasn’t been sprayed with herbicides and is not too close to busy roads. Your own garden is probably perfect!”


Read more on Ask a Prepper.


4. 10 Healthy Herbs You Can Grow In Water




“No garden? No Problem! You can grow your own indoor herb garden without a pinch of soil. Even if you live in an apartment with nothing more than a tiny back porch or balcony, there is still room to grow some fragrant herbs.


All you need is water, sunlight, and a place for your plants to spread their roots.”


Read more on Urban Survival Site.






This article has been written by Drew Stratton for Survivopedia.


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