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Gingrich: Surrender Or Fight - Our Country Is At Stake

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e.c.c., There will be a Fight. Many of them. Inevitable.

The Left(Antifa) seems to be pushing for it. They are also

buddies with Islamist and there is no doubt what their plans

are. Recently I've seen videos of the Lefties at the gun range

and they use long guns on targets forty yards away and it appeared

they mostly missed. I scoff at their skills but fully realize that

their rounds will kill. I am waiting for and there will be a

"Precipitating Event", like a massacre , to ignite the fuse.

Antifa has become very aggressive on the street so my

guess is they will gun down Patriots and then "Game-On!"

I'm older but my skill sets are still in place. Wish you the Best!

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I too believe that there will be an event or series of events that will be that "shots fired" moment. In my humble opinion, we should already have put persons in place within every conceivable branch of government to assist in the reclamation of our United States.

Information is the currency of warfare.

At any rate, we are as prepared as can be. The very idea of losing our nation to the ideology of those scumbags makes me sick. The constitutional ground already lost is treasonous and evidence of the liberal agenda to destroy our republic.

I say the shot has already been fired.

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One day the light of justice will shine again and the neck of treachery by many in power will be fully consigned to the hangman's noose for the treasonous acts they have abetted and committed.

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