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San Francisco Shuts Down Online Gun Retailers Over ‘Repair Kits’

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Inconceivable as it may be, things are getting even crazier in the Golden State.


The City of San Francisco just settled a lawsuit with online gun retailers. According to the city, online firearms suppliers were going around California’s high-capacity magazine ban by selling “repair kits,” which a gun owner could then turn into a 10 plus round magazine.


The five retailers who were sued by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera agreed to a 10-year settlement with the following conditions:


  • Ban from selling or advertising the “repair kits” in the state of California
  • Requires the companies to have a disclaimer saying the kits are illegal in California
  • Remove options for shipping kits to California
  • Provide affidavits to the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office annually certifying that they have complied with the injunction


The retailers include Badger Mountain Supply, 7.62 Precision, Shooters Plus, LAK Supply and BuyMilsurp.com.


“Californians have spoken clearly. We don’t want these weapons in our communities,” Herrera said in a statement. “I have zero tolerance for gun sellers who try to skirt the law, and we will bring statewide enforcement action when needed. I’m glad we were able to get a tough, enforceable court order against these companies that were flouting the law.”


In the lawsuit, Badger Mountain Supply is accused of selling “rebuild kits” in two separate shipments so the magazines could be legally obtained. According to LAK Supply’s website, any orders for high-capacity magazines in states that have a ban in place would be automatically turned into repair kits.


Should the retailers be found of violating the agreement, they would be charged a civil penalty of $6,000.


From SF Gate:


Sean Brady, a lawyer for 7.62 Precision, Shooters Plus and BuyMilsurp.com, accused Herrera of a “politically motivated shakedown of tiny businesses that can’t afford to defend themselves.” Brady said the websites singled out in the lawsuit haven’t been used by his clients for years to advertise or sell products in California.


But Brady, whose law firm also represents the National Rifle Association and its state affiliate, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, said those organizations “believe in the constitutionality of these products and will be challenging the restrictions on these magazines as soon as possible.”


A number of gun rights groups, including the National Rifle Association, have filed lawsuits challenging the high-capacity magazine ban.


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