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USAA Caves to Liberal Censorship

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USAA has decided to stop sponsoring the Sean Hannity. If you don't like Hannity or watch FOX, I guess you don't care too much. You can stop reading right here and move on.


If you do watch Hannity and support him, then loosen up!


"How could the USAA drop Hannity who is one of the most pro-military and pro-American host on TV?" -- Laura Ingraham --


Many people are canceling their accts with USAA... some after 30 yrs or longer. Whole families are switching!


USAA Faces Customer Backlash After Canceling Ads on Troop Supporting Sean Hannity


May 25th, 2017 1:33 am


USAA, an insurance, bank and financial services company that caters to active duty military, veterans and their families, is getting slammed by members after announcing on Twitter Wednesday night the company was withdrawing advertising on the Sean Hannity show in response to pressure from liberal activists trying to silence Hannity by cutting off his advertising base. It was not stated by USAA if they advertised on Hannity’s Fox News Channel show or his nationally syndicated radio show." ---

I am calling bullshit on their official response since they have advertised with Hannity for years!






Please spread the word...




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