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Bearing Arms

‘Vox’ Uses Memorial Day to Take a Shot at The Marine Corps

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Ultra liberal online magazine Vox used Memorial Day to take someone to task for their “toxic masculinity”… the United States Marine Corps.


The Marine Corps has a "toxic masculinity" problem


— Vox (@voxdotcom)



In part, the article states:


So before the Marine Corps can most effectively help maintain order in the world, it needs to maintain order among its own ranks. Perhaps more fundamentally, the Marine Corps needs to find its identity in an age when the Pentagon’s top civilian and military officials say women should be treated the same as men across the services.


But as bad as the article and its headline are, the replies that followed via Twitter are spectacular:


Attention Vox Writers! We needs clicks, guys! Let's come up with a moronic statement for Memorial Day! THAT'LL get 'em in!


— Chuck Vipperman (@ChuckVipperman)



article says more about its author than it does about the Marine Corps.


— Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques)



The Marine Corps has a "toxic masculinity" problem

> remember when that was a good thing?


— deplorable mule (@jarsthemule)



We should definitely take advice on military standards & combat effectiveness from experts on women's advancement. What could go wrong?


— Alo Konsen (@OhioCoastie)



You can thank "toxic masculinity" for the civilization that has given you the freedom to spout your nonsense.


— Michael A. Pastore (@MAPastore92)



Vox is the Onion, without the wit or grasp of reality.


— Aaron



Toxic masculinity at Fallujah


— Ming the Deplorable (@_Emperor_Ming_)



Alex, it's Memorial Day. You chose this day to publish a hit piece on the Marines. Be ashamed, if that's possible for you.


— Kron (@Kronykal)



Masculinity isn't toxic. Written by a bunch of cowards who never served in their lives and would crap their pants at loud noises.


— Millennial Views (@millennialviews)



The ignorant article did serve to give us something useful, though: the glorious hashtag #ToxicMasculinity.


Thank you,
, for the creation of yet another hashtag that will be appropriated.
is as delicious as


— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods)



was appreciated.


— !
! Rob (@RobC351)



Funny how
is never applied to barbaric Muslim men subjugating women, raping girls, stoning gays & beheading apostates.


— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin)



I could use more
in my life these days.


— Leslie ن (@LADowd)



I'd rather the Marines have
than have to be pulled off the front lines for hormone injections.


— Jason Kost (@KostJason)



Boy just look at all this
it took to secure liberty and freedom with an ultimate sacrifice.


Happy Memorial Day, Vox.


— The Railway Man (@HTJTMattTTTE)



But be careful with all your pictures of glorious masculinity, they may hurt someone’s feelings…


Please refrain from posting images with this much
-they could frighten boys with man-buns in romphims on


— Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques)



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