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Prep Blog Review: Summer Prepping Activities To Do With Kids

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Teaching kids about survival is a tough thing to do, but is very important. We put a lot of emphasis on our own prepping, but we really should be teaching our kids how to prep, too.


Teaching the little ones to prepare for disaster involves tactic and a lot of patience. But, you can transform all this prepping lessons into funny activities kids will love.


Summer is coming so you’ll need new ideas to keep them busy and off your nerves. So, for this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered four articles on this topic to help you prep with your little ones.



1. 10 Prepping Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer


10-Prepping-Activities-Kids-300x200.jpg“Summer is coming! The kids will be out of school very soon and will need ideas to keep them out of trouble and off your nerves. Teaching kids prepping should be at the top of your list of things for them to do.


We put a lot of emphasis on adults knowing how to prep, but we really should be teaching the next generation how to prep too.


Remember: our goal in raising kids is that they are self-sufficient when they leave home.


While we should expect phone calls on how to do things, we want them to know the basics and be able to care for themselves.”


Read more on Living Life In Rural Iowa.


2. Prepping With Kids


“If you’d asked me 16 years ago if I’d be ready for when the SHTF, I would’ve answered yes without any kind of hesitation.Kids-300x194.jpg


After all, I was single, I was a Ground Team Leader in the Air Force Auxiliary unit Civil Air Patrol, I had worked as an Armed Security Agent, was working in the airlines, and had taken a multitude of camping, firearms, first aid, and survival courses.


In the chaos of 9/11 I’d been told that I’d handled myself admirably and with a cool and level head by my co-workers and supervisors. I felt prepared.”


Read more on The Prepper Journal.


3. 4 Top Survival Skills You Must Teach your Kids


Survival-Skills-Kids-2-750x709-300x284.jpg“Some of Bear Grylls’ biggest fans are kids. Their eyes widen at his derring-do, and boys and girls alike admire his survival skills and savvy.


However, the survival skills for kids that will keep them safe and sound are far more mundane!


Below are four survival skills for kids to learn, along with a few tips for parents.”


Read more on The Survival Mom.


  1. 4. Essential Survival Skills That Kids Should Know ASAP


“How safe are our kids today? Isn’t it a very valid question? It’s quite natural that we, as parents become so protective and in this blind love, we end up Essential-Survival-Skills-That-Kids-Should-Know-ASAP-300x200.jpgdoing everything for them. We are proud of the fact that our kids are 100 % dependent on us. But is that fair?


Think about, what will be your response if I ask you, whether your kids will be able to manage on their own if they have a crisis.


The contingency can be small or big, but, as parents, we have the complete responsibility to train our kids on some necessary survival skills, for them to take care of, on their own during these situations.”


Read more on Prepper’s Will.






This article has been written by Drew Stratton for Survivopedia.


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