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2017 JULY FOCUS - Decontamination and Protection from Radiation and other contaminates.

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This month we will focus on Decontamination and Protection from Radiation and other contaminates. Tell us everything you know about it!

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Well, I'm having a hard time articulating my thoughts and what I've learned over the years, but I will give it a shot.


We have a number of threats from a nuclear incident, whether it be a nuclear detonation, a dirty bomb, or a nuclear meltdown. We'll tackle each one separately.


First is Nuclear Detonation. When a surface detonation occurs, the primary blast wave will release enough energy to level the immediate area. This is Ground Zero, and most likely folks will not survive. Those who are further away will feel the effects of that primary blast, have shattered windows etc. During the detonation, dust and debris is sucked up into the atmosphere. Within minutes to hours, that dust and debris will start to fall. During this time, those closest to Ground Zero who have survived need to shelter in place, preferably with as much solid material between them and Ground Zero. This will help block the Gamma Radiation. The falling Debris will release alpha, beta, and gamma radiation for a limited amount of time. Staying sheltered will reduce and prevent exposure to these. If and when you have to move, wearing a mask to inhibit the breathing in of dust will reduce the amount of radioactive particles that wind up inside of you. When you shelter, remove clothing that was exposed to the particles, take a shower and scrub yourself as clean as you can of any particles on your skin and in your hair. The length of time to wait varies with how long the particles have been irradiated, and how long it took to get to your location and fall down. It is suggested you wait for the government to give the all clear, but that may not be reliable. A good rule of thumb is to expect to wait two weeks or more before its safe to go outside. As a precaution, taking potassium Iodine is recommended to fill your thyroid with a safe form of potassium. This will help reduce how much radiation your body absorbs during exposure.


Now on to a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb is a conventional bomb that has nuclear material in it. The nuclear material isn't what makes the bomb detonate, but rather is meant to spread contaminates. The primary concern here is to move away from the danger, to a safe location. Remove contaminated clothing, shower to remove any particles on you, and dress in fresh clothing. Wearing a mask at this time is just as important as any, since it will reduce how much particles you breath in. After all that, if you start to feel signs of being sick (Radiation Sickness[someone please look up and post the signs]), go see a doctor outside of the area where those who are immediately responding to are being sent.


Finally, nuclear meltdown. It is paramount to know where the closest reactors are. If you are within 50 miles, you need to monitor that reactor. If and when an incident occurs, get out of the immediate 50 mile radius - Pronto. From what my nuclear engineer buddies (navy guys) tell me, once it goes south, prepare to never go back. After that 50 miles, keep going until you over 100 miles. Stop, gather information, and migrate to your destination.


I'm sure that others can provide more details on this, but with many things, personal decontamination is primarily handled by removing clothing, disposing of them, washing with soap and water, and staying away from the particles.

If you are preparing your house to withstand it, seal all windows, doors, vents, and other holes with plastic sheeting. It is a good idea to pre-measure and cut out appropriate sized sheets that fit with 6-12 inches past the exterior of the door/window/hole. Tape it down flat with duct tape. If your house is newer, make sure you have a way to get air in that is filtering out the contaminates. Older houses tend to allow plenty of air through and shouldn't be much of a problem.

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Some Natural ways to help lower the risk of radiation sickness.


Over time, low level exposure can lead to major digestive imbalance, blood alteration and even the destruction of many cellular structures in the body’s key organ and tissue systems. Common signs of low level radiation exposure include symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, scalp tenderness, scalp discoloration, and dry/itchy skin. In extreme cases, low exposure of radiation may also cause brain damage, memory problems, mood changes and reduced listening capacities, psychomotor abilities and information processing times. All good reasons to consider protecting ourselves from this type of exposure

The entire article is too long to be posted here. It does give a good list of natural remedies, some that would be easy to find even if there were no more drugstores around.


The rest of this article can be found at


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Living near a nuclear power plant means always having potassium iodine or iodide tablets on hand.

Weathering the initial incident is one thing. The other considerations for us have always been things like meeting points, evacuation routes and when to run vs when to assist.

Most of my immediate family have the desire to help in emergency situations and sometimes that is not wise.

I'm guilty of not running drills with my closest folks. Need to include this in the "could happen" prep.

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Was kinda hoping you could tell us something about it

a good community has input from multiple sources ;) no way any of us knows everything about everything we need different walks of life working together to advance us all rather that be as a unit or an individual everyone has something to offer, share your knowledge on any given subject or start a new thread in the appopriate forum and we will all grow together

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Before you can start any of these following things you have to know when it is safe to go outside. If you don't have access to a geiger counter there are instructions on the following link for a homemade KFM device that will read the radiation content in the air. This page has full instructions and diagrams needed to build it.


Hydroponically grown sunflowers were used to absorb radioactive metals near the Chernobyl nuclear site in the Ukraine as well as a uranium plant in Ohio.


In February 1996, Phytotech, Inc., a Princeton, NJ-based company, reported that it had developed transgenic strains of sunflowers, Helianthus sp., that could remove as much as 95% of toxic contaminants in as little as 24 hours. Subsequently, Helianthus was planted on a styrofoam raft at one end of a contaminated pond near Chernobyl, and in twelve days the cesium concentrations within its roots were reportedly 8,000 times that of the water, while the strontium concentrations were 2,000 times that of the water. Helianthus is in the composite, or Asteraceae, family and has edible seeds. It also produces an oil that is used for cooking, in margarine, and as a paint additive. H. tuberosus was used by Native Americans as a carbohydrate source for diabetics.


At the end of season, before the flowers go to seed, cut them down and dispose of them in a safe place far from your land each season until you are sure the soil is clean. If birds eat the contaminated seeds they will be unsafe to eat.


Even with these methods it could take a few months up to 3 years before the soil is safe to grow food for humans and animals. Hopefully you may have enough canned food to get by for at least the first year. Then you could remove a foot or two of topsoil and try planting healthy food.


I have also heard that green leafy plants are good for taking toxins out of the soil but sunflowers seem to be the best at it.


Any animal that feeds on irradiated plant life would not be safe to eat or get milk from. Forget fishing, deer hunting, etc until you are safely out of or have cleaned up the contaminated area.


Otherwise you could, if you were really ambitious, strip 1 to 6 feet of topsoil off. Also watch for fish in irradiated lakes and streams. The best thing would be to have a good soil test kit and an excellent portable water filtration system.


Link to homemade KFM Device



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