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The Best Barter Items For Economic Collapse

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There are plenty of reasons and economic collapse could happen. A lot of people assume that this is political but there are plenty of other reasons a collapse could occur. Cyber Terrorism Unfortunately we live in a world where the banking system is very susceptible to cyber attacks. It has been proven all too many. . . Read More


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I have been hacked a couple of times myself and money stolen from my bank account. Some ass hat in Oslo, Norway bought airline tickets using my account and the stupid bank didn't think there was something fishy when I had just spent money at the local Walmart. How did they figure I got to Norway in a half hour. I got my money back and new account but this crap is happening all the time according to the police and bank security people. We are losing tons of money and it seems like no one cares or is willing to try and stop it. The police said they couldn't do anything because the crime happened over seas. Something needs to be done and soon.

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I was a Network Engineer for thirty years. The reason the "banks" have so many "Cyber Crime" is they (BOA, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, etc) is they hire the CHEAPEST & Lowest Cost "Computer/Cyber Technicians".


I just wonder when someone (maybe on the inside) hacks paypal and locks up most of the bank accounts around the world. The IT world is in a large glut of surplus talent. I can see why that would be a security issue.

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