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Prep Blog Review: Are You Storing Food Safely?

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Storing a stash of food is always a good way to stay prepared. But what if the food you stockpile gets spoiled? There are many factors that can turn the food that is supposed to keep you alive in an emergency situation into the thing that can actually kill you.


Are you storing your food safely?


With this thing in mind, for this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered four articles on this topic.



1. Your Food Storage Might Not Last 25 Years


26-Years-300x167.png“Everyone who buys emergency food would like to think that it would last “up to 25 years,” as it says on the side of the can. As we all know, “up to” can technically mean anytime from the moment the product is bought to, well, 25 years.


In the last few years, a number of articles have been published that have questioned the probability that food would actually stay viable and nutritious for 25 years, or 30, as some claim. Recently we’ve finally seen some packaging labels change from “up to 25 years” to “up to 25 years if stored between 50 and 70 degrees” or “if stored under ideal conditions,” whatever that means. The addition of such a phrase injects a higher degree of honesty into the food-storage picture.”


Read more on Ed That Matters.


2. 7 Canning Mistakes That Can Make You Sick


“Common sense and creativity are things you need to have a lot of when homesteading. Most often there isn’t a 7-canning-mistakes-that-can-make-you-sick-or-worse-wide-1-300x200.jpgmagic formula or set of rules for you to follow. You use your brain, hone your skills, and do what you can to keep moving forward. Learning to preserve your own food by canning is no different, except that it does come with its own set of rules.


Not following these rules can lead to botulism poisoning and land you in the hospital or even the morgue. To keep you out of both of these places, we’ve compiled this list of 7 canning mistakes that can make you sick or worse.”


Read more on Homestead Survival Site.


Rice Storage – The Most Affordable Storage Calorie In The World


Rice-Storage-200x300.jpg“Rice is boring. Rice is just a filler, right? A basic grain with barely any flavor.


White unseasoned rice is nearly tasteless – rice cakes – need I say more?


But today I’m going to convince you rice is one of the most amazing (nearly perfect) long term storage foods.


When first building your food storage supply, you must decide what you’re going to store in bulk and how you’re going to store it.


The truth of the matter is building a long term food supply is hard.


For one, most foods spoil quickly. Even foods stuffed full of preservatives will eventually spoil.


And second, finding enough storage space for a large stockpile can be difficult.


However, rice kills both those birds with one delicious, healthy, cheap stone. Leaving rice out of your pantry is a mistake for both everyday users and survival situations.


Read more on Skilled Survival.


What You Need To Know About How To Use What In Your Food Storage


“Do you know how to use wheat?WHAT-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW-ABOUT-THE-WHEAT-IN-YOUR-FOOD-STORAGE-facebook-768x402-300x157.jpg


Wheat is the most basic and versatile whole grain that you can store in your food storage. It is likely that many of you have wheat in your food storage already, but if you are anything like I was years ago, you may not know much about it.


I’d like to solve that for you today and clue you in to what you need to know about how to use wheat.”


Read more on Simple Family Preparedness.




This article has been written by Drew Stratton for Survivopedia.


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