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These are all great ways to cook over a fire. I think I probably did almost every one of them when I was younger. I don't get out as much as I did back then. Thank you for the visual reminder.

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Those are all good ways to cook on a fire. Here is another way to cook under the coals.


Smaller metal pan, maybe could fit a small chicken into it with a metal lid. Move the live coals aside and dig a shallow pit. Enough so that 1 to 3 inchs of the top of the pan are showing. Put your meal together in the pan and set it in the pit. Then cover it with the hot coals.


Another way to go would be to wrap some meat and/or veggies in some tin foil. Make sure it's sealed good and tight. Put in directly beneath the coals. You barbecue demons out there have probably done something similar to this on your grill.


Different cook times for different things. Also times will vary depending on the temperature of the coals. Beans can be put in right before you go to sleep. Meats and veggies should be checked every couple of hours. If this is done right the meat will fall right off the bone. I've even made desserts this way.


There is no harm in building up the fire while you're cooking but keep in mind the increased heat in the coals versus the cooking time.

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I want to go out there and try it now. Next weekend I will. Thank you for this post Granny.

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