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Donald Trump has proposed a Physical Wall between the US & Mexico. While I Support Trump, a Physical Wall would be Expensive & would not work. We Learned this in the Second World War, None of them Worked. The French had the Maginot Line & the Germans had several, Normandy, Siegfried, etc. The Only One that did work to some extent was the “Iron Curtain” between East & West Germany, but that was a Shot on Sight/Murder Line. The US will Never do that; I hope, what we can do is use more Technology. The kind of Technology I am referring to is small Drones. Not the Large Hunter/Killer types like the Raptors in Afghanistan/Iraq. These are more like the Radio Controlled Airplanes with a Wing Span of Four to Five Feet with Cameras & Lights. These could be used in the Same Manner as the Military Flies Raptors, having Command Buildings just north (Twenty Miles) of the Border where Fifty “Pilots” Control/Monitor Fifty Drones Covering the Three Thousand Mile Border. These Drones could be Launched” would be from Several Stations Along the Border, even from Patrol Vehicles (Jeeps). The “Pilots” would Detect Illegal Activity from the Drones Sensors (Camera, Heat & Motion). Then Direct Ground Border Units to the Activity. The DOD/Army is Testing a Foot sized Autonomous Drone (Perdix - (Partridge) (https://www.rt.com/usa/373257-drone-swarm-60-minutes/) Drone to do the Work. Fitted with Lasers, Sensors & Spotlights these Drone (controlled from Miles away) WILL Locate Alert & Maintain Contact (herd) with Drug Mules, Illegals & Terrorists until the Border Patrol arrive in number. Each Drone Cost less then $100 & can do the work of 100 Border Patrol Agents.

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