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N.E. Georgia - In Search Of Local Patriots

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Looking for established local group (within 30 miles) for regular training exercises preferably with existing functional organizational structure. If this can not be found I will continue to work on North East Georgia Militia recruiting and organization.


My Personal Background


  • U.S. Army Combat Vet (Desert Shield/Storm) Service from 1985 to 1993 (Honorable)
  • Was assigned to 3rd AD as well as the 1st ID during the Gulf War and was authorized to wear both combat patches - was mechanized infantry
  • Original and formal MOS was 54B - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical NCO
  • Spent most of my time in service as a 'grunt' despite my MOS
  • Amateur Radio operator for 25 years - General Class w/Code
  • Although hesitant to call myself a 'prepper' I just consider it to be common sense to be prepared, therefore I am continually adding to my MTOE
  • I am now getting older and not in the best shape, however I am correcting that problem as we speak. Age 51 yo as of August 2017
  • Married (27 years) with three daughters and three grandchildren
  • Have taken and continue to take, as time permits, various tactical firearms instruction from a well established LEO in the Athens area
  • Have a small backyard shooting range on my property mainly for pistol training with steel targets - Unfortunately my property is only 5.56 acres and although it nearly fully wooded it does not truly provide the acreage needed for any serious FTX and group training


Hopefully that did not bore anyone to death.


I will add a couple of photos that summarize my mindset.






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This is the one that is good. the other can be deleted.


Funny thing is this forum and website was working perfectly prior to me donating a few dollars, then it went all to hell and quit working properly.

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