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The first thing to consider is the range of the wireless doorbell you’re buying, and how big you need the range to be. The range is the maximum distance at which the wireless doorbell and the chime unit can communicate, so if you have them further apart the unit simply won’t work. Make sure that you measure how far apart you want the two units to be before you start shopping and make sure whatever you buy has a range of well over what you need it to be. The range varies hugely, with some models offering less than 50 feet and some over 500. It’s often directly related to price, so consider this as well when planning what to buy.



One thing that many people forget to do when buying online is to try and listen to the sounds of the wireless doorbell, or at least to check how many options it has. Many online stores will allow you to listen to the chimes before buying, so make sure you like at least one or two of them. If you can’t listen to them, at least make sure that there are a few options so that if you don’t like the default one, you have some options.


Finally, remember the aesthetics. Make sure the doorbell you buy is something that suits the outside of your home – even though it’s a small and seemingly insignificant thing, if you get a wireless doorbell that really doesn’t suit your house, it will stick out and look ugly. At a minimum decide on a color or two that you think will be suitable before you start shopping.

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