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November Training Schedule

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I am posting it here in the open guys so you will have no excuse to be late this time.


This November is just like last November except... You will be doing Pistol Drills. El Presidente and the Tree! Also for your amusement or. displeasure you will also be doing the shoot/ no-shoots from behind cover with weak hand only and starting with a partial mag. ++

Range Safety Briefing addition. NO MORE 5.7 as in NO 5.7 Pistol or Rifle. They do not have enough PF to trip either the tree or the plates. Save it for the hot house.


We will be staying out for the duration of the event cell signal is spotty at best. As usual, the loser is the cook for the night. the 12 man tent will be up, the stove ready and bring your gear.


The latter part of November IE the weekend before Thanksgiving will be the Night Shoot. No lights no lasers and no NVDS/NODS allowed. This will be pistol and rifle 25 rounds each range for pistol 7-10-25 yards. Rifle 50-100-200 yards. Pray for moonlight folks.


Addendum neighboring states if you want access to the range let me know. I don't do FB or Twatter. Link with me here.

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