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The Proud Boys

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Proud Boys is a far-right men's organization[1][2][3][4]founded in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder and former commentator Gavin McInnes. McInnes describes the organization as a "pro-Westernfraternal organization" for men who "refuse to apologize for creating the modern world."[5] The group has been referred to as alt-right or alt-lite.[6][7]


The Proud Boys have a four-degree initiation process for new members.[11] In the first degree, a recruit must declare “I am a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.”[12]According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the second degree involves five or more Proud Boys punching the recruit until he names five breakfast cereals. To earn the third degree, the recruit must get a Proud Boy tattoo.[13] The fourth degree requires the recruit to get into a physical fight with an anti-fascist activist at a public rally.[14]


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Interesting group. For the initiation, it sounds like one had better eat their Wheaties, wear all your Lucky Charms, bring a bag of Trix, and be on the lookout for Frosted Flakes whom are cookoo for Cocoa Puffs.

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I think the Proud Boys are like a lot of people who are vaguely 'on the Right' -- who have been pushed there by the rapid descent into insanity of the Left plus their rapid growth in influence inside the Democratic Party and other establishment institutions.


That is, when I was young being on 'the Right' meant you didn't trust the Russians and wanted a strong military defense, you basically wanted a business-friendly economic environment in the US you were in favor of  kids learning the three Rs and how to add up, the traditional way, and wanted to keep prayer in schools and wanted to keep abortion illegal.  If you were 'on the Left' you wanted a less militaristic-based foreign policy -- Vietnam was the real dividing line --, you were in favor unions and the minimum wage,  you didn't want to keep abortion illegal and you didn't favor prayer in schools. 


Most Democratic and Republican leaders didn't differ strongly on most issues.  The Left has changed a lot since then: Lyndon Johnson or John F Kennedy wouldn't stand a chance in the modern Democratic Party.


But  ... you can still not really care passionately about the abortion issue, not want to reinstate prayers in schools, be in favor of the minimum wage and even increasing it, be a member of a trade union -- and today, if you don't support the insane social Agenda of the Left, you will find yourself, whether you like it or not, 'on the Right'.


The Proud Boys are not ashamed of being children of European civilization, which has, like all civilizations, committed many crimes, but which has also created the modern world, where we now recognize some of that past behavior as, by modern-world standards, crimes.  This alone puts them 'on the right', since the Left hates European civilization.


But ... like a lot of 'rank and file' groups, they are a bit naive. They didn't understand, when they started, just how venemous and dishonest the Left would be towards them.  The Left accepts without question anyone 'on the Left', including Stalin-worshippers,  supporters of Palestinian terrorism, apologists for the Chinese Communists ... but if an organization on the Right appears to show even neutrality towards white supremacists, neo-Nazis, etc.... they will be crucified.


I think the Proud Boys are pretty far up now on the steep learning curve they've been climbing in this respect. 

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