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I would really like to know why the Jewish Communities in the United States are NOT raising hell AGAINST “gun control”? I cannot think of a more abused & persecuted race of people throughout recorded history then the Jews. Six million of them were butchered by the Nazis alone. If just half of those murdered (three million) would have taken just one Nazi with them, Hitler & his monsters would have been in a world of hurt. Israel is armed to the teeth; just about every Israeli have at least one fully automatic weapon in their home. Another event I have taken notice of is; since the Arabs have been INVADING Western Europe & the crime rates especially RAPE has skyrocketed; the Europeans have been significantly quieter about condemning Israeli5aa3d6f207b17_Train260218.thumb.jpg.484a5a914703848733b7943d1d9f81a7.jpg actions.

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Judaism is a religion of faith, being Jewish is an ethnicity and can exclude the faith. I would say that Jewish people that truly practice their faith are against gun control, those that aren't against gun controls want it to advance their power base and agendas as gun control is all about total control.

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