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The Ketogenic Diet and me

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The Ketogenic Diet and me

This is going to be kind of a change from the normal here because Ive had some life changing events in the last year.

You see, I’m just a regular guy, with the same life drama all of you have.

I go through the same hurt, the same disappointments, and the same relationship issues every other guy does.

Enough has happened and though not really resolved completely, I guess its time to share.

I had the love of my life and she was gone.

You see, even when we think we are tough enough to handle anything, sometimes life throws a viscous left hook and everything goes sideways.

And I am far from perfect in how I handled it.

I pretty much gave up.

I locked myself away, hid from the everything.

I stopped interacting with my family and friends. Sorry about that if it hurt you.

I stopped writing, as most who read this and follow know. Sorry to you most of all, I know from emails there are a bunch of you who like reading as much as I like doing.

I pretty much withdrew from the world

I also got FAT.

Yes capitol letters FAT.

Joints swollen, hated to move, didn’t touch a weight, KettleBell or pull up bar for 6 months FAT.

Type 2 Diabetes FAT, with the blood sugar swings and the roller coaster that brings.

And I was miserable. Feeling sorry for everything happening and especially feeling sorry for myself.


So? I finally took a good look at myself around Christmas 2017 and didn’t recognize who I saw in the mirror.

IF I were an alcoholic , I would call that ” A moment of clarity”

In the Army it was called a “Boot in the Ass”

And I needed it.

In that time…

I turned 50.

What a shock that has been. If you aren’t there yet I’m just going to say you are in for a treat.

You think you are flirting with the waitress, she gives you the Senior Citizen Discount.  Trust me, that’s the easiest.

But what also happens is when you get fat, its no joke.

So I went back to doing what I’ve always done.

Hit the weight pile, tried to walk but my lower body rebelled, and of course what I’d eaten the last 15 years to maintain the muscle is NOT the diet for loosing the spare tire I had put on.


I read everything

I read up on the Blood Type Diet

I tried Atkins

I tried the Grapefruit diet ( I hate grapefruit btw)

And then by accident while I was surfing the net, sitting on my ass looking at the weight pile, I ran into a post on FB about a diet that was the latest and greatest.

The Ketogenic Diet

And being of scientific mind I looked.

I remembered when I was training hard in my younger years, the process of reducing your own body fat was called Ketosis.

https://tqs.experienceketo.com/ I watched this video, as well as about 100 others.

In very simple terms it was the way your body burned fat stores, and converted your brain from using sugar, to using fat as fuel.

Your brain works much better on a high fat diet/ very low to no carbs diet.

So in January of 18 I started it.

My moods changed and got a lot better.

I eat as much as I want, and sometimes I am not hungry for entire days.

I’m eating like the homeless guy at the free church picnic.

I just follow the rules about high fat and less than 50 grams of carbs a day.

Don’t worry, I have more posts coming about how to do that.

I’ve experienced no blood sugar swings, I feel great and I’ve lost 17 pounds and 4 inches off my waist.

In 6 weeks.

My XXL shirts fit like a dress.

They do conceal my bigger handguns well, so there are advantages.

My pants, which were very tight with a muffin top, now fall down unless I’m wearing a belt and an inside the waistband holster.


I found I was having some issues staying in the fat burning mode   ( Ketosis) and I researched more into supplement Ketones to keep me burning fat.

I tried a bunch of cheaper versions and I found 1 that worked.

I’m not saying it works for everyone, but these work great for me.  http://tqs.ShopKeto.com/

I used to need 4-5 cups of coffee to get moving, I drink 1 of these in a big glass of water and I’m up. I’m back to light workouts, because I lost all the muscle I had worked so hard for.

I have energy all day, and I’m getting the best sleep I have in years.

I also started to store these, as a supplement to my food stores.

Food storage problems for prepping

Most of what I store is canned and freeze dried food, with bulk rice and beans being added. What I don’t store much of is high fat foods.

Animal fats are very important not only for your body but to food preparation. Without fat you cant really fry anything, so you boil or roast it.

And high carb foods make you fat, and reduce brain function compared to a high fat diet.

If you stay in Ketosis, using Ketones you may be able to stay ahead of the curve and burn your bodies own fat stores long term.

Advantages for preppers/survivalists I saw immediately

Mental clarity- I have a high stress job, I see the difference in before and after when I take these

Fat burning and energy- this should be obvious. You have to keep up or you are food for something else.

My conclusions

I am staying on the Keto-Diet.

I feel better, I’m emotionally better, I’m losing weight which helps my joints. The high fat diet lubricates the problem joints and the Keto diet also helps with IBS symptoms.

At least in my case it has, and I’m very happy about that.

I’m also going to continue with the Pruvit Ketone supplements.

I believe they are helping me more than any other supplement I’ve taken over the last 30 years.

They honestly seem to work for me.

I can’t state it better than that.

I have more posts coming about how I did it and what foods I’m eating, and avoiding.

Links in this post are in the menu bar at the top of that page as well.

The Ketogenic Diet and me





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