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Quiet Survivalist review of Terminal Ballistics Research

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Quiet Survivalist review of Terminal Ballistics Research

In this post I want to talk about this web page and its owner Nathan Foster.

Yes I’m sending you to another web page to read.

No, I make no money for doing so

Yes, this guy is THAT good.

I found this site through a member of my FB Group, The Quiet Survivalist ,who I am taking on his first Elk hunt this fall.

I don’t know what he was researching, but Ive spent a whole bunch of time on that site. I also ordered a set of books which I am having a hard time describing.

Like I cant find the words for how good they are and how much I didn’t know, what I didn’t know.

The closest thing Ive experienced to these books was when I was studying for my Amateur radio license ( ham radio), and discovered I had no idea what I didn’t know, and what I could do with what I already have.

The Entire Collection (Paperback) - 25% Off!!

I read Long Range Hunting Rifles the first day.

Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance the second day, and I’m starting another of the set as soon as this is posted.

All of these books are written by Mr Foster and assisted by his wife. And what a treasure they are. These are the ultimate in books to have on your shop shelf, and I can see myself reading them over and over.

If you own a rifle (and you should ) you need these books as reference material.

He goes into great detail how to take a safe queen, hand me down bolt gun and make it a tack driver.

As well as what ammunition, bullets and powders to develop your best load.

And what is sorely lacking in most shooters, effective techniques to improve your long range shooting.

In my observation, most people cant shoot worth a damn. And the first step to understanding that is admitting you cant shoot and then diagnose why and how to fix it.

Get the whole set

You will go back and buy them all anyway, and you save 25% if you order them all at once

What I wanted to do

My original plan was to cut the books apart, and using plastic page protectors and large 3 ring binders make them more durable than just the regular bindings. Not to mention they lay flat on the bench when they are in binders.

However this was not to be, the books are 6×9 inches, instead of the hoped for 8 1/2 x 11 which fits the page protectors.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

This is a good thing, I will cover them with a double layer of clear contact paper and call them good.

To whom may ask

No these are not for loan, if you are lucky you can get them at the estate sale when I die.

The web page has more information about bullets, their downrange effects on animals and its broken down by bullet diameter and cartridge.

If you own a rifle its caliber probably been written up. The bullet you should use, both factory ammo and when you are buying components to reload.

I would say Terminal Ballistics Research is well worth a weekend of reading. Or weeks of it.

If for nothing else the information on bullet performance at different velocities and distances, which is definitely better than, any hit is better than no hit.


I haven’t enjoyed reading a book this much since Ragnars Big Book of Homemade Weapons


I’m going to be accused of heresy , but here is the truth

They are better than the classic


They REALLY are.


Donations for his site

If money is tight, and you get something you think is worth the time you spend there , float him a $20.

Information like this tends to disappear online, we lost Sparks31 which was terrible.

I could write all night about these books, but I have to get back to reading.

Go, now….buy them, you wont regret it

Quiet Survivalist review of Terminal Ballistics Research




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