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Training in Phoenix, Az with Roger Phillips

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Training in Phoenix, Az with Roger Phillips

I was cruising FB today and learned of this upcoming training by Roger Phillips


This is a 3 day, $400 course he is offering in Phoenix Az.

This is very good, intensive training which is typical of the training Mr Phillips has built his reputation on.

We have a lot of instructors in the southwest , but most charge insane amounts to teach you pretty much how to shoot a paper target.

Then there are a very few who condense a series of classes into 1 long weekend of no BS learning.

Anyway here it is.

Close Quarter Battle – The Study – 3 days $400 – 2 days $350

August 3-5, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Close Quarter Battle – The Study – 3 days $400 – 2 days $350
Coming to the schedule and enrollment page very soon
The first of the three days will be a live fire course at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. We will cover essential handgun skill sets that will prepare you for taking your newly refined skills into the arena of CQB. The second and third day will be a non-projectile CQB course run in a very large climate controlled building.
If you would like to see photos of the building that we will be training in and the type of training we will be doing check, out this AAR thread from the last time we used it.
Day one live fire portion of the course we will cover;
The retention concept
Ready positions
Handgun transfers
One handed shooting
Ambidextrous shooting
Flashlight positions
Shooting from cover and concealment
Dynamic movement point shooting
Controlled movement sighted fire
Close Quarter Battle Course Description
When it comes to fighting for you life, the most valuable tool that you own is your mind. Fight Focused Concepts course, Close Quarters Battles – The Study is the in-depth study of strategies, tactics, and skill sets that are necessary to be as efficient and effective as possible while fighting in confined spaces. Since 1999, I have been pushing to learn as much as I possibly can inside of the realm of self defense……at the highest levels possible. This is the course where all of that work comes together and reaches it’s apex. These are the training situations and experiences that make us realize that all that we have learned in the past, was nothing more than a building block approach to reaching that summit that is CQB – The Study. This is where it all comes together……. this is where everything becomes crystal clear……. this is where it is all makes perfect sense. This is the apex of much of your prior training experiences and knowledge acquisition.
The varying objectives
The realities and strategies of those varying objectives
The basics of clearing a corner
The basics of movement in confined spaces
Mitigating exposure
Completely ambidextrous skill sets
The retention concept
Dealing with doors
Making entries and taking a room
Correct application of strategies inside of the varying objectives
Basic non-verbal communication
Leading a team
Teams of two
Teams of three
Teams of four
Basics of fighting in the dark
Low-light searching and clearing
Low-light strategies in team

This is bargain level costs for as advanced training a CCW holder and casual shooter is going to get.

I’m familiar both with the curriculum and Mr Phillips reputation, both are top notch. I haven’t taken a class in a while but I’m thinking this is a good one to touch up the close fighting skills and have a mini vacation in Phoenix, in UUGH August.

But, its only 1 day outside shooting , the rest is indoor learning tactics and developing good habits in that environment.

Its easy to get complacent and sloppy if you let your training down.

This is another example of Skills over Gear.

I am seriously considering a trip to Phx , if you read about it here Ill be wearing my TQS shirts and feel free to say hi.

I’m not anything but a regular guy, and I drink Guiness, and minimum 28 year old Scotch when I’m off the range.

Come join us, its never to late to learn something new.

Gear I am taking to class

I have in a box, to remind me to never buy junk again, 7 sets of electronic muffs. All of them fell apart or were just crap to begin with.

I bought these

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X with black cups – Neckband – Electronic Earmuff, slim-design


This is classic  TQS Rule #1

Buy once, cry once. Little dot period, end of story.

I love these because, though I do Not wear a helmet I do wear a hat. This is Arizona people. I live at 5000 feet, where its hot

This class in in Phoenix, in August, at basically sea level when its damned HOT!!!

A boonie fits over these well.

People who don’t wear these much in the heat don’t realize how hot the plastic gets in the sun, plus you are burning a lot of energy running and shooting so you sweat.

The hat covers your head and your muffs so you don’t get your ears and head cooked

Second thing I never leave the house without

BullFrog Land Sport with Breathable Sweat TECH Quik Gel SPF 50 

Minimum of SPF 50 in the summer sun, don’t forget your wrists and back of your hands

BullFrog Water Armor Sport InstaCool Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 50

The spray gets to places very easy to miss or messy to apply. I.E. Ears, front and back, neck, top of your head if you are thinning as you age and anywhere else you want. The spray aslo does one thing people who don’t shoot much know about.

It keeps your palms from being slippery, because you aren’t rubbing it in.


I like these

I left the palm of my left hand on a car hood 25 years ago when I put my hand on it. It wasn’t any awesome tactical trick of LE, I just wanted to make sure the engine was off before I walked in front of the car.

What I didn’t know was the radiator blew and superheated the paint.

So what is my point you ask? In the summer sun, steel targets are hot, metal anything is hot and in my experience students help with setting up and taking down the range.

And for that bare hands are a bad idea.

Over ankle lace up boots

Long sleeve shirts

That shouldn’t be rocket science, keep the sun off

I like either my heavy TQS shirts or the SPF rated fishing shirts


Get one covering your ears and neck. Not really an issue indoors but cooking out your brains on the range then running around in a building for 2 more days and you will vapor lock.

Its a hat, not a new wife. Pick one and run it.

“Basics of fighting in the dark”

Boys and girls, this would be a hint

You need a flashlight, and then a back up light and one in your pocket when you loose one or break one. Not sure about a weapon light but rails are pretty much standard so just about any would do.

Water, munchies and of course ammo because the first day is a shooting day. Maybe a cleaning kit for what ever guns I bring. Or maybe Ill bring extra guns

I hope to be there in August, if you get to go, I hope to see you there too.


Training in Phoenix, Az with Roger Phillips



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