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Traveling on the Keto Diet

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Traveling on the Keto Diet

I was in Tucson the last couple days and I didn’t want to fall off Ketosis I work hard to stay in.

You can do this if you concentrate on what you eat and order.


This is your basic breakfast ordered Keto. I replaced the potatoes with the sliced tomatoes, yes they weren’t ripe yet but some salt and pepper it was good.

Dinner worked out the same in the Steak house

Substitute the potatoes ( I know, I don’t like it either) with a double order of steamed vegetables or a salad and eat like you mean it.

And I carry 6-8 of the Keto Kreme so I have something for the restaurant coffee

catalog-item-img I also carry a small bag of Truvia packets and of course my morning drink, usually just out of the shower of my morning dose of ketones


The keto diet is healthy, and burns your own body fat while improving your mental acuity and general well being.

For most people getting through the first 2-3 weeks is hard , but its just habits you are breaking.

You can do it

Traveling on the Keto Diet


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