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Since I posted up the training in Phoenix with Roger Phillips, my inbox has been full of questions about training and why I picked who I did.

I contacted his organization, they are allowing me to post links to training I think is extremely important if you are serious about the craft of self defense in all its forms.


Ok, that’s the question Ive been asked multiple times.

First, as much as I would like to provide training my life doesn’t allow the time or the patience to do it. Ive carried a gun in one form or another for Uncle Sugar 33 years now.

The market is glutted with ” Instructors” who are retired LE, retired Military or just straight up wanna be but never were’s.

It doesn’t need another Defense instructor.

I enjoy writing, and learning new things. I’m always good to get out and do things.

I’m always open for emails and meet and greets if I’m in the area or you are in mine.

I like what I do, and I like the emails and comments from all of you.

These guys do niche training that I think fits in well with what I’m doing here.

Second– I have had a bunch of training from different people and groups. All Ive paid for myself, not counting what Ive received on the job on the govt dime.

Its been quite substantial.

Ive known Roger online for a long time, over 10 years and watched the drama with Suarez and that group unfold. No hard feelings to anyone but in my opinion it was a loss to both sides.

Saying that, I think the Paragon Pride group offers more of what preppers/survivalists/CCW carriers are geared towards.

I also think its important, since most people cant afford to take random classes with multiple instructors/ groups I should pass on directions Ive personally found to be the best value for your money.

I make no money on this endeavor or with any others in the PP group. NONE

This is a repayment for their bandwidth and putting up with me and my questions when I got started on this site.

And they allowed me to have links to my site on their site, with nothing requested in return.

I hope by passing the links on to you, it will encourage you to get out, get your gear on and do this stuff. You don’t have to start out fast, they offer a bunch of basic courses as well as more advanced.

To find the links I post Ive added a new category to the site, Training


The most important thing is get out and get training.




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