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Guest Post-Aaron at GypsyEDC

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Guest Post-Aaron at GypsyEDC


I ran across Aaron on an online forum and I liked what he was doing on his blog and his store which I think most here would do well to take a look at.

He makes some good points about carrying ammunition as well as his concealed weapon.

This is not something Ive touched on very often here, except to say most of the time I have 2 Glocks, loaded with full magazines and at LEAST 2 extra magazines for exactly the situation he describes in his post.

A magazine failure, which occurs more often than not,  is the safest situation you will have a failure with your weapon. Having your floor plate fall off, spraying, literally, ammunition out the grip of the pistol is disturbing.

Its hard to look cool when all your ammo dumps out on the ground.

Its even worse when you don’t have another magazine to insert into your pistol to reload it as you scamper around picking up your loose rounds.

So I will post this from Aaron, and hope you heed his advice as well

Should you EDC a reload?
Posted by Aaron on Feb 8th 2018

How many mags should I EDC? With limited belt real estate it’s a legit question.

Some notable figures in the self defense community point out that the incidence of an average CCW reloading during an armed encounter is negligible, and point to that as a reason to forgo an extra magazine?

I always carry an extra magazine, and the reason has far less to do with capacity than mitigating a mag failure/ malfunction.

Magazines wear out, springs compress, baseplates crack, stuff gets in them etc.

The vast majority (and I mean by a huge margin) of malfunctions I’ve experienced were mag related. The magazine is generally the weakest link in a quality weapons system.

That fact is the reason I body carry a reload regardless if I’m running a g17 or a g43, and usually have 2 additional mags close at hand.


EDC belt / pocket loadout, also running an AIFAK which will have its own write up at some point.

More mag thoughts;
1. I mark my mags
2. I unload problem ones to close friends and family (JK)
3. I always carry a spare!!!!

I agree wholeheartedly with Aaron and his short, to the point writing.

I should make clear Aaron is not LE, or security or former Mil. He’s just a regular guy and has learned from his experience.

I will be sharing more from him in the future

Guest Post-Aaron at GypsyEDC

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