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Brian Ruffner

Best Militia to Join in AZ

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I moved to AZ from OR and want some opinions on which militia is best one to join in AZ. A true patriots group run by ex-military men with best in class training. I appreciate your input. 

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While that is definitely not true I have an actual suggestion. Start by checking out online content for websites, social media etc. Prepare a list of questions you want answered and ask each group you contact. Also speak with they current members or at least ask to. Meeting members that can share their experiences will tell you a lot about how the groups views different things, how well they get along, how they treat new people. Find out how often they train, how far out that is planned so you can see if it works with your schedule, see what they train and how it is evaluated and by who. Consider the size of the group to. Some may prefer a smaller group in one location, others may prefer larger groups located throughout the state. Consider what types of community involvement you want to participate in and see what the group does or does not participate in and why. If you know whether or not you want to work the border that will have an impact. There are a few groups that only do that, some that don't at all and some that mix it up. Find out if they have actual written rules or policies, what are the standards you are looking for and what do they have. Just a few ideas that might help when you start contacting people. Everyone has an opinion but it will really come down to what works best for you.

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On 4/8/2018 at 1:40 PM, Rick Armstrong said:

Avoid Arizona State Militia.  Their CO hangs out at the fed building.


Is that a bad thing?

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