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Dillin Vazquez

West Virginia Special Response Force ( W.V.S.R.F.) Recruitment

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The development West Virginia Special Response Force (W.V.S.R.F.) is now in full swing.


Due to the real life possibility of natural disasters, man made catastrophes and the general political atmosphere threatening our traditional American way of life. It has become necessity to band together to develop patriotic mutual assistance groups, across our state and great nation to benefit our fellow man.


It is time to answer the call of duty and stand for your beliefs.


W.V.S.R.F. is requesting the following:

- Land Sponsors for training purposes.

- Training Instructors.

- Men and Women with military and first responder  backgrounds.

- General Volunteers.


Benefits of joining the W.V.S.R.F.

  • You learn how to navigate

  • Medical Training

  • Gun training

  • Tactics

  • Communication on via radios

  • Survival Techniques

  • Knife Training

  • Riot Control



If interested please PM W.V.S.R.F at:

- Facebook Link- https://www.facebook.com/WVSRF/?ref=settings

- Email Link- [email protected]

- Phone Number- 304-376-3185


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