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Cherries Below the Waistband Holster review Part 2

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Cherries Below the Waistband Holster review Part 2

Due to technical difficulties I split this post

Cherries Below the Waistband Holster review Part 1

Once I unboxed this holster I saw a few things I didn’t like from the word go

First, again were the screws. Enough said, rant off.

I needed to remove the belt clip, rubber spacers and the female side of the screws without loosing them on the floor, which I managed to do.

No one was more surprised than I, when the Below the Waist clip went on with NO drama, the screws are shorter and fit together correctly without having to use a vice or other compression tool to get everything back together.



Before I attached the belt clip I took a few minutes to check the fitment of the holster to a few guns I had handy.

Yes they were unloaded for the readershipIMG_1390-1.jpg?resize=300%2C225


Surprisingly….this thing fits both frame sizes of GlocksIMG_1387-e1523833558314-225x300.jpg?resi

That’s a 41 , which for those who don’t know, is a long slide on the 20/21 frame which is the largest frame Glock produces.

And yes, a 17, 19 and 26 fit just fine. I have a 19 in the pictures and I’m impressed the designers of this holster made it work.


How does it work?

I took the pictures with my Glock 41, because with a holster like this you would think the larger guns would have the most issues.

I’m very happy to say when I asked my son to take a few pictures of me wearing the holster and gun, he asked me if I was going to wear it before he took the pictures.

When I showed him I was wearing the 41 he was impressed.

IMG_1424-e1523838865902-225x300.jpg?resiYes I’m barefoot. The rest of the world its snowing but its 80 here


An advisement

If you wear a riggers belt like I have on in the pictures, the belt clip is too small to fit over the belt.

I resolved it by putting the belt clip inside the strip of Velcro holding the ring on the belt.

A 1.5 inch dress belt would have no problems with this belt clip, and the clip would disappear against a black leather belt.

Yes this would be an excellent choice for wearing a gun with dress pants and a tucked in shirt

What do I think?

I’m kind of up in the air about this holster.

In the case of using this for a full sized gun in business clothes it does have potential, you don’t need a jacket or vest with it.

Unless someone who knew what they were looking at saw it you are good for NPE.

As a daily carry I’m not sure I’m going to replace AIWB carry which Ive been doing for 15 years.

You are also limited in carrying extra magazines , there is no provision for magazines with this holster, and ammunition on the belt in this case would be counterproductive in concealment.

If you understand its limitations, take the time learning a new draw stroke and understand the trigger is unprotected through part of the draw stroke you will be fine.

If you cant handle any of that you should leave this holster alone, regardless of what gun you buy it for.



Cherries Below the Waistband Holster review Part 2



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