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Taurus recently brought a new (at least for the US) model in from it's overseas market, the full size TH9: https://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=921&category=Pistol&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=TH

Having owned a few Taurus pistols in the past I'll say up front I knew what I was getting into form the beginning: Taurus has the absolutely worst (even worse than HK) customer service in the industry and their game with minor changes to magazines is nothing short of ridiculous.  However the price tag was good enough ($300 delivered to my FFL) that I decided I'd try it and if worst came to worst I could always resell it and recoup some of my cost.

Here's my out of the box impression:
The grip is comfortable, this is actually the first poly pistol I have liked the grip on. Haven't played around with the thin and fat backstraps but I don't think I'll need to.
The texturing is aggressive but not abrasive.
The slide requires no unusual effort to cycle. It's actually really nice and smooth (once I wiped the rails down).
Its fit & finish are good with one exception, the mag release (see below).
The trigger is actually good. I'm giddy that a $300 Taurus has a trigger this nice. Probably the closest similarity I could draw to this trigger would be a new Beretta M9 with less slack.
It's a hammer fired full size SA/DA with a rail, frame mounted safety/decocker for under $300.
The mags are Mec-Gars. Never had a problem with their mags.

The thing is dirty as heck. I mean dirt. Not powder residue, but it looks like after they got through test firing someone took it to the beach. It's obvious Brazilians still don't know how to clean pistols.
The "ambi" magazine release is horribly sticky out of the box. I've been inserting and releasing mags to help it break in but as of now it works fine from the right side. The left side? Not so much. I may actually disassemble it and see if I can find any dirt hiding in there (I'm willing to bet this pistol went to Carnival and woke up drunk and naked on the beach).
The guide rod is plastic. Plastic. Not even aluminum, and looking at it and the spring setup I know it ain't going to last. I'm currently researching if another model is compatible otherwise I'll either have to wait for aftermarket ones to come out or find a machine shop willing to take on the task.
The manual is horrible. As in worse than Chinese AK manuals. It's got 10x more warnings than actual useful information and instructions. Obviously made to cover their corporate arses.
It's a Taurus. That means crappy customer service (Here HK, hold my beer) and hard to find spare mags and parts. I went into this fully knowing that.

Hows it run? It eats everything I have fed it to include the $10 a box cheap Rem UMC without a problem. I've got a hundred + rounds through it so far and not one single FF, FTE, etc. Nada. Accuracy wise I'm impressed. Groups are consistent.  

This pistol has potential. Given that it's so new on the market aftermarket parts are non existent, however at the rate they are selling I think (hope like heck) that will change. Taurus is really a weird company. They have the potential to capture a huge portion of the market with pistols like this but they hobble their products with the above mentioned issues.



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49 minutes ago, Megatron said:

Single stack?

Doublestack, 17+1, but the grip isn't really that wide.

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On 6/29/2018 at 10:19 AM, Jeff Gooch said:

What are your thoughts 2 months later?


I'm a few hundred rounds in and have kind of laid it aside for my Bersa TPR9HC (which has become my favorite pistol), but I'm keeping it. Lakeside is going to make a stainless guide rod assembly so I'll probably switch that out and keep it. Not real happy about the availability (lack of) spare mags, and of course asking Taurus any question is a complete waste of time.  The mag release did loosen up a bit so that'[s not really an issue anymore.


I still haven't changed my stance on buying a Taurus, and I don't recommend buying one unless you are comfortable working on it yourself.  If you ask I'd recommend spending the extra $50+  and go with the Bersa TPR9. Like I stated above, Taurus has a good design that could be a great pistol if they weren't such a crappy company. I like it, but I ain't willing to stake my  life on it.

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