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Hope this brightens your day:


"Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!" "Don't worry, sir, the spider in your salad will get it."


"I came in to make an appointment with the dentist," said the man to the receptionist. "I'm sorry sir," she replied. "He's out right now, but..." "Thank you," interrupted the obviously nervous prospective patient. "When will he be out again?"


Skeleton 1: This isn't your best work. Skeleton 2: I know. My heart isn't in it. 


Unable to attend the funeral after his Uncle Charlie died, a man who lived far away called his brother and told him, "Do something nice for Uncle Charlie and send me the bill." Later, he got a bill for $200.00, which he paid. The next month, he got another bill for $200.00, which he also paid, figuring it was some incidental expense. But when the $200.00 bills kept arriving every month, he finally called his brother again to find out what was going on."Well," said the other brother, "you said to do something nice for Uncle Charlie. So I rented him a tuxedo."


You only reap what you sow. So plant only good intentions and watch how fast they will grow!


Always use the time you have to finish your work. Never leave it to the last minute. Once time goes away, it never comes back.


Chemistry Of Gunpowder



3% Chemistry Of Gunpowder 151217.jpg

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^^^^not the best gun powder recipe for are common bullets works in a pinch with a bolt or single shot pretty much any action but I had problems out of ever semi i tried it in pistol rifle and mag shotgun loads for my 5 shot bird gun o and obviously black powder flint lock works great in.but yeah that powder recipe will work it's dumb down up too but play with it and youll easily get it I did and I'm not a rocket scientist......the problems in the semi were failure to feed and I got two squib rounds in a row out of my semi .308.if you did this and got dif result plz let me no.

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