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Picked this up this afternoon, Bersa TPR9 9mm in matte: https://bersa.eagleimportsinc.com/bersa/tpr-9-matte from Classic. I've owned a couple of Bersa's in the past and really liked them, never had a problem out of them. Bottom line up front: I paid $385 delivered to my FFL and IMHO this pistol can hold it's own against pistols costing hundreds more.

Everyone else that has handled it complains it feels heavy, but I don't see that. It may be that everyone is used to polymer guns, dunno.
The controls are beefy and solid. The decocker/safety is actually very interesting. With the hammer back it serves as a decocker. After you decock it turns into a safety and disconnects the trigger and hammer.
The trigger has an insanely short reset. I mean really short. Even in DA it's not super heavy, and in SA it's nice and crisp and pretty light for stock. Break is crisp.
The sights are good and intuitive, I attribute a lot of that to the beveled slide. Sig sights are compatible and I'll be putting a set of Mepro Tritiums on this one.
It has polygonal rifling. That's not advertised and was a shock to me. +1 for Bersa.
The grip is a one piece wrap around plastic affair. It's not bad, but I'll be happy if/when some aftermarket overmolded ones come out.
It's solid with full length frame rails, there is absolutely zero slide wobble.
Take down is the easiest I've ever come across on a firearm. Clear it, cock the hammer, flip a lever, and the slide separates. Very Beretta 92 like.
It shares a lot with the 9mm Thunder Pro. Same mags, and the Thunder Pro manual actually comes with it.
The case sucks, it's actually the same case Bersa sells with their compact pistols (who buys a pistol for the case?). I'll be replacing it with a budget pelican case.
The 2 17 round mags with it are Mec-Gars. Thunder Pro 9 mags are compatible.
This afternoon I fed it 2 mags of Rem UMC FMJ, a magful of win white box, a magful of PMC JHP, and 10 rounds of Hornady XTPs. Zero FTF, FTE, etc. Accuracy was impressive, it hits a small paper plate consistently at 25 yards.

This is now my go to full size pistol, and I have another on order.


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