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Hope this brightens your day:


How does Bigfoot tell time? With a Sasq-watch.


Coming in from playing, little Freddy looked confused. His mom asked, "Is something the matter?" "I just was talking with old Mr. Dodd," Freddy replied. "He was searching through his big garbage container and I asked him what he was looking for." "He said, 'Please don't bother me now Freddy, I've thrown out my back!'"


It's easier to know what you don't want than know what you want.


 Teacher: "What's the difference between 'He cleans the plate' and 'The plate is cleaned by him'?" Student: "In first sentence he is not married, but in second sentence he is married!"


Little Jenny: Hi Mommy, where is Daddy? Mother: He's lying on the couch and has been watching baseball all day. Why do you ask? Little Jenny: I wanted to tell him what we learned in school today. Mother: Oh yeah sweetie, and what was that? Little Jenny: Well, the teacher taught us that the human body has 270 bones at birth and 206 by adulthood. Mother: Wow Jenny! I did not know that, but I'm afraid that your teacher is incorrect when it comes to your Father though. Little Jenny: Really Mommy, why is that? Mother: Because he has an extra one, for a total of 207. It's named the Lazy-bone.


The ocean is chalk full of seaweed which is a cancer-fighting agent. Some studies show that seaweed, or kelp, contains powerful antioxidants that inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, mostly breast cancer. Seaweed contains high concentrations of the compound tryptophan, which has anti-carcinogens. Crumble seaweed over vegetables, soups, rice, and salads.


Paracord Knife Handle


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3% Paracord Knife Handle 021217151017.jpg

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