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VIDEO: The TacStar Brass Catcher Makes Life Easier for AR Shooters

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Let’s face it: sending rounds through your AR at the range is fun, but nobody likes walking around trying to find spent brass. Lyman brand TacStar just announced a nifty solution to that pesky problem in the form of a new brass catcher.

The TacStar brass catcher clamps directly to the Picatinny rail on flat top AR rifles. Conveniently, there are no rifle modifications needed in order for that to happen. In addition, TacStar says the the adjustable, low-profile mounting bracket won’t interfere with your iron sights or optics. Once mounted on the rail and positioned in front of the ejection port, the bag then catches the brass as you send rounds downrange.

Speaking of the bag, it’s heat-resistant—a major plus—and it’s capable of holding up to 120 .223 cases. In other words, you’ll have plenty of time before you have to empty it out. When you do have to empty it out, though, you simply pull the bag off the mounting rail and dump out the shells. In addition, the bag can be removed from its aluminum deflector plate if you need to clean it.

Touted as “the perfect accessory for AR shooters who reload,” the TacStar brass catcher weighs in at just four ounces. Its suggested retail price is $34.98. Watch the video below to see it in action.

For more, go to lymanproducts.com.

TacStar Brass Catcher Features

  • Clamps to Picatinny rails on flat top AR’s
  • No permanent modifications needed
  • Shell bag pulls off the mount for easy emptying
  • Low profile and adjustable
  • Holds up to 120 .223 cases
  • Heat resistant bag

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Posted (edited)

I never used this one but everyone I tried to use before got caught up after like 10 so you'd have brass trynna get stuck in the port and it cause ejection problem you can fix with a couple pieces of metal hanger...just throwing that out there incase you dig this plus up here at trop gunshop you can get them for about 8$ for ars......stick it on the .50 i wonder if it would work.

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