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Come Learn the Martial Arts of Freedom! 50% Off Sale! And total rebranding!

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The Martial Arts of Freedom (An excerpt about Survival Philosophy)

One of the reasons I’ve always been a huge fan of survival skills over every other kind of training available, is because of the sense of freedom it gives the practitioner. There is no martial art in the world that teaches you how to just provide for your basic needs, other than survival skills. Let’s boil down what those basic needs are: shelter, water, warmth, food, tools, medical, & navigation. Those are the bare bones essential skills that every human needs to survive daily. And survival training is the only art you can train in that teaches you how to provide for them from nothing. How to literally walk off into the world and survive with just your wits.


Now a lot of people would say that those skills aren’t needed in a modern society. And I would agree that primitive survival skills aren’t a daily need or even a regular need. Unless you are a fanatical outdoorsman, which most people aren’t.  But what people don’t calculate is how these outdoors related skills will affect every aspect of their lives. Because once you’ve been trained in these skills, they have a way of making you see the world in an entirely different light. For example, once you have taken our wild crafter course, you will understand medicine and food in a way you never saw before. When you can learn to make your own medicine from weeds in your yard and have them be much more effective than anything you could buy in the store. That alone will change your entire perspective on the world and how you interact with it. Building a relationship with the plant world is life altering and opens your eyes up to things you never realized possible before.

Learning primitive skills also gives you a massive appreciation for how much work goes into creating almost anything. When you learn just how difficult it can be to turn a basic commodity into a tool or food, it gives you a sense of just how blessed we are as a society. The basic survival needs that are so easy to attain in society are difficult to attain in the wilderness or under conditions with limited resources.

All in all, there is no other martial art in the world like it! It is relaxing, it helps you reconnect with your natural side, and gives you skills that will keep you alive anywhere in the world.


Huge Rebranding Sales!

We are having a 50% off rebranding sale. For many years we have been running the types of sales where we would give large discounts off for courses over a month time. Well that practice is about to stop in it’s tracks. We will no longer be running sales in the same way, or with the same discounts on individual courses. Instead we will be offering package deal discounts. Buy several courses and get 20%, 30%, or 40% off courses. But we won’t have big discounts for individual classes again, and we won’t have any discounts this good anymore. You’ll have to spend much more money to get the same discounts. So, if you have an interest in one or more of our courses, now is the time to get them. This is the last chance. Sale ends May 20th, 2018!

Satellite School Restructuring!

You may have noticed that we have removed the satellite locations from the website. We have decided to pull those locations and replace them with new locations and a new system for instructors to make money. The current system wasn’t working as we had intended and decided this new model for doing business was much better and way fairer to graduates of the program. Instead of individuals owning satellite locations, all qualified instructors will be able to use the new established locations we have found. We found after years of running this program, that very few instructor graduates had access to land to host courses. And that limited their ability to be able to use this program as intended. So, we have come up with a fairer system for instructor graduates to make money using our instructor classes. We have also installed minimum guaranteed payments for each class. So, if you run a class you’re guaranteed to make a minimum amount every time or more if the course does big numbers.

In the next year, we should be launching a satellite school on the west coast, east coast, and the Rockies. We have decided to offer less locations but cover every geographic region of the country and allow any instructor that wants to run courses to use these locations as their own. And we have also opened things up for traveling instructors. So, if we have a group of students that want training we will be sending instructor graduates to those locations to train private and group courses. This new program should cover everything from regional training locations, to mobile training teams to come to customers. We will release more information on this very soon. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a brand-new roll out of our programs!

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