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Giveaway- Yippee a free holster-May 2018

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Giveaway- Yippee a free holster-May 2018

Ok here it is

I talked about this on FB both on my page and in a few groups

Its a Cherries Holster

IMG_1431-e1525119600192-225x300.jpg?resiGivaway holster, actual holsterIMG_1430-e1525119617874-225x300.jpg?resiNo the gun does NOT come with it, sad I have to explain that

This one came stripped with just the low ride belt loop attached from Cherries.

And I’m good with it, you get a virgin holster for  Glocks. Ok maybe not a virgin since my 19 has been in it for pics, but you’ll never notice.

Whadda ya want , its free?

Yes Glocks, though I am finding it fits a whole lot more than just Glocks. The paperwork says it is for 26,27, 19,17, 22,23 and 21 SF. I know it fits a regular frame 41 as well.

So if it doesn’t fit your gun what can I tell you, go buy a gun that does fit.

A 1911 is a cool gun to show your friends, a Glock is what you show your adversaries.


Why am I giving this away, or like someone will ask, whats wrong with it?

I ended up with 2 when I went searching for these to look at. I blame the readers who asked me about them.


Here ya go, yes there are rules.-

Why? Because this is my site and I can make rules

  1. You MUST live in the United States– holsters are regulated by ITAR and cannot be exported. Yes I know you can buy it at the corner Terrorist Outfitter’s store but I’m not going to jail over a holster ok?
  2. I’m not liable if you shoot yourself while using this thing. If you accept this prize YOU are responsible for anything you do to cause harm or death to yourself or others. If you cant handle this thing you probably shouldn’t have anything more dangerous than a box of crayons in a holster anyway.
  3. You have 72 hours, 3 days, to respond to my email or it goes to the next guy on the list. If you get an email from Quietsurvivalist@yahoo.com, batman would call that a clue. Ill need an address to mail it too.
  4. ANYTHING I have forgotten and didn’t put in the rules are still rules, they are surprise rules.
  5. And if you don’t win, and get butthurt , you are just going to have to get over it
  6. Don’t ask me if it fits a specific gun other than I already stated, the answer will be FIIK.
  7. And if I come back and add rules when I remember they still count.

What you do to get in this contest

Go to the right side of the page, or on the bottom on a mobile device and enter your email to subscribe/receive notifications when I post.

And use an email you will actually look at so I don’t have to tell 11 people they won before I get a response!!!!

That’s it, no muss, no fuss, no hidden secret handshake.

Draw will be on June 1, 2018


Giveaway- Yippee a free holster-May 2018


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