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The Brevity Matrix

This is another post from NCScout at Brushbeater.com

I have no end of respect for his work on making communications understandable for all levels of users.

Im going to make my own comments first so you can read this with my thoughts in your mind.

First, these are templates, you should make your own instead of using the examples, which are very well done in themselves, however this is a public forum and you should think about that in the context of this post.

Second would be unless you are memorizing this , every RTO ( Radio Telephone Operator for you non vets) needs a copy. Brevity codes are nice for making messages shorter.

However, there have been times in the past with militaries where the communications people were carrying so much gear they gave away the whole game when they lost it or were captured/killed.

Another point to make, remote operation.

Using a long transmission line to transmit brings up new problems. Transmisssion lines are available which are very efficient, but you cannot remove the laws of physics, and the longer your transmission line is, the more losses you will have.

To alleviate this issue you have to use a higher transmitted power, and the ensuing issues with SWR and tuning/resonance at the antenna.

The solution in the military in units which rely on stealth is to move a significant distance from the area of operations (AO) and transmit as they need then return. This is measured in tens of miles from the AO. It is also why there are communications windows and schedules.

If someone has a better way of explaining that please jump in in the comments section, or send me an email and I will add yours to the post.

The Brevity Matrix

20151013_153203In the RTO Course we spend the bulk of our time on basic skill building- operator technique, antenna types and construction, planning and report formats for sending information rapidly and accurately. It’s a starting point, covering the basics in two days. With that said, one of the common questions I get is regarding the length of the reports when they’re sent. If interception is a concern, and it always is, how do we shorten this up or obscure it to the point of being useless to listen to? There’s a few answers to this question, including going high tech/more complicated/more expensive with equipment, more efficient antenna construction for directivity, and finally, creating a BREVMAT.

A Brevity Matrix, or BREVMAT, is a randomly generated series of codes that are commonly understood by your group and shorten the transmission. In the amateur radio world we use Q codes, and 10 codes are the most widely known in both the CB and public service realms. Like I state in class, what you and your group do is up to you- if the basics are observed and everyone is on the same page, then it’s not wrong.

remote setup.jpgTactical BREVMATs are created and included in your Signals Operating Index (SOI), they are recycled each time the SOI changes (which is usually a set period of time, and for missions, mission-specific). This information can then be encoded into a One Time Pad (OTP) message and sent to higher analysis and control element (ACE) if coordinated over a region.

The following is a sample BREVMAT sent in by a very well seasoned reader (it’s much appreciated my friend, stay frosty) and a template for you to follow:



It may look somewhat complicated and a lot of work, and make no mistake, it is – but this is not an easy business and takes discipline to get right. As another well experienced individual stated in class, you’ll want to know this stuff when your life actually depends on it.  There’s a heck of a lot more to low level armed conflict than tearing off into the bush with a $1500 weapon and cool-guy kit when your only training is shooting fast at stationary targets; the people that do that are speed bumps for the well trained, unassuming guy with a 30-30 and a solid plan.

Another well done post

I have neglected communications on this page for too long and I will be doing more cross posting from NCScout in the future, why duplicate a good effort

The Brevity Matrix

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