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VIDEO: Introducing the Ultradyne C4 Front & Rear Adjustable BUIS

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Missouri-Based company Ultradyne has introduced its new C4 sight system. These Ultradyne C4 folding sights take the same position as your standard backup iron sights, but the company claims they offer “more than just backup,” offering up accurate shots and close and extended ranges. Details in the press release below:

It starts at the front. Ultradyne’s unique design keeps the fully-adjustable front sight post centered between protective ears. By enabling complete adjustment of the front sight, the rear sight remains free for tool-less, on-the-fly windage and elevation adjustments, just like on a magnified optic. Opt for the Dynamount version and restore your sight radius to true rifle length while also eliminating the negative effects of free-float handguard deflection.

The four proportioned circles of the front and rear apertures and protective ears align instinctively upon shouldering the rifle. Dynalign keeps your sight picture the same regardless of windage or elevation adjustment. Every shot feels like the last and trains you for the next.

Despite their meticulous precision, C4 sights are rugged. Both front and rear are 100% CNC machined from 4140 steel and 7075 aluminum and protected with salt-bath nitride and anodized finished.

The rear sight features two insert sizes, with one stored in the elevation knob. The front sight includes a 10 MOA globe sight. 8 MOA, 12 MOA, 14 MOA and blade posts are available, Ultradyne says.

MSRP on the Ultradyne C4 front sight is $129 for the Picatinny rail-mounted version. The .223 Dynamount model goes for $155. Meanwhile, the rear sight is priced at $154. If you want the front and rear sight combo, that’ll cost you $274.

Check out the specs below, along with a Brownells video for a closer look at the Ultradyne C4 system.

For more, check out ultradyneusa.com.

Ultradyne C4 Front Sight Specs

    • 12 MOA Dynalign & Front Post Included
    • 8, 10, and 14 MOA Dynalign Available
    • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, .223 | 5.56 Dynamount, .308 | 7.62 Dynamount
    • 40 MOA Total
    • 1/2 MOA Per Click
    • 28 MOA Total
    • 1 1/4 MOA Per 1/4 Turn
    • 4140 CrMo Steel, Salt Bath Nitride Finish
    • 7075 Aerospace Alloy, Hard Anodized
  • MASS 62g | 2.2oz
    • 31mm | 1.21in Wide
    • 9.4mm | 0.369in Height (Stowed)

Ultra dyne C4 Rear Sight Specs

    • Threaded Ghost Ring
    • 0.070″ Included
    • 0.050″ Available
    • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail
    • 40 MOA Total
    • 1/2 MOA Per Click
    • 18 MOA Total
    • 50 yard BDC clicks to 600 yards*
    • 4140 CrMo Steel, Salt Bath Nitride Finish
    • 7075 Aerospace Alloy, Hard Anodized
  • MASS 71g | 2.5oz
    • 35mm | 1.38in Wide
    • 9.4mm | 0.369in Height (Stowed)

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