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Keeping Your Personal Information Personal

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I've noticed some people posting their or someone else's phone numbers or addresses or both in open forums on here.  People that is just not a very wise idea for numerous reasons.  The forums on here are not closed to John Q public, in other words anyone can read them that comes here via their browsers, that means people of questionable character or honor all over the world.  If you want to give another member on here private information, I suggest you can use the PM system which stands for Private/Personal Messenger on this site.  Just click on the other person's forums icon to go to their page, and you can send them a personal message without posting it in the open forums so that no one else in the world can see it.     ;)

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Please Note this topic is different than the privacy policy changes, the privacy policy refers to your personal data as relating to a digital foot print (unknowingly sharing of data). This topic is pointing out that openly posting your private information (knowingly sharing) is not ideal and should be done using our private methods of communications ie.. the Private Messaging System


Yes, The forums are PUBLIC, they have to be or this site would wither away into nothing.


Being PUBLIC is also the recommended status of Militia Units who use this site to strengthen and grow.


The site is conducted with expectations that we are welcoming and open because we have no fear and nothing to hide. As our plight is a guaranteed right granted to us by our forefathers.


Be wary of any unit that strongly prefers the shadows for if they had nothing to hide they would be openly recruiting and trying to become welcome beacons of light for their communities.


Indeed, It's an interesting perspective, However it's the looking glass we use and has been since the creation of this site and is at the roots of every decision that's made.


Everyone does not have to agree with this but you have to admit that this is a more productive and preferred method of development then the status quo.


We are not saying you cannot conduct your business in Private we offer many features that let you do this. The point is any group that operates in direct betrayal to this site or our network of sister sites, groups and etc, solely based on our recommendation for a constructive level of transparency will be Blacklisted from all features, groups, resources, sites and domains to protect the membership base from potential intentions that may not be aligned to our plight. We reserve that right and have exercised it.

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