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Hope this brightens your day:


Tom: "If your girlfriend and your best friend were drowning, who would you save?" Hardy: "I don't know, that's a tough one." Tom: "Why is that?" Hardy: "Well, what were they doing together in the first place?"


There was an engineer who had an exceptional gift for fixing all things mechanical. After serving his company over 30 years, he retired. Several years later the company contacted him with a problem they were having with one of their multi-million dollar machines. They had tried everything and everyone else to get the machine fixed, but to no avail. In desperation, they called on the retired engineer who had solved so many of their problems in the past. The engineer reluctantly took the challenge. He spent a day studying the huge machine. At the end of the day, he marked a small "x" in chalk on a particular component of the machine and proudly stated, "This is where your problem is." The part was replaced and the machine worked perfectly again. The company received a bill for $50,000 from the engineer for his service. They demanded an itemized accounting of his charges. The engineer responded with the following account: Chalk: $1.00 Knowing where to put the 'X': $49,999.00


When confronting a seemingly impenetrable barrier, we should imitate the drill bit. It doesn’t instantly penetrate as a bullet does, but penetrates one tiny bit at a time until through.


Ham Radio Cheat Sheet


3% Ham Radio Cheat Sheet 231017.jpg

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