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Guest post- My First Big Game Hunt pt 1

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My First Big Game Hunt pt 1

This is going to be a series of posts from a friend who until now has never hunted and was never exposed to big game hunting.

thUP4NOJ2Y.jpg?resize=299%2C199Bull Elk can weight up to 900 lbs Moose are larger Use enough gun

So without further from me, here is part 1

My world came to a crashing halt last October. My wife walked out. It seems like the majority of my life has been spent putting others needs ahead of my own.

I was in a pretty dark place when someone I only knew from a military forum reached out to me when I really needed a friend. He helped me put my life into perspective.

I quit my abusive and toxic job that I worked at to support myself and my wife. I am more willing to suffer abuse for someone else’s wellbeing than for my own.

I am a former United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant that is 80 percent service connected disabled. Neither one of my parents were hunters or cared for firearms. Somehow, I developed an interest in them around 7th grade.

My new friend is an avid hunter. I know quite a bit about firearms, reloading and target shooting. I know absolutely nothing about big game hunting. I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. My new friend offered to take me under his wing and show me the ropes.

The first step in my new adventure was buying a hunting license. Arizona has a lottery draw for Elk hunting. I submitted my application for the lottery, just before the deadline. Then the anticipation of possibly being drawn for an Elk tag began to set in and actually made look forward to something positive in my life.

I own a few different firearms for target shooting and self defense. In my opinion I didn’t own anything suitable for hunting Elk. Being unemployed meant money was really tight for me. I made the difficult decision to sell a very rare pistol. Going Elk hunting was more important to me than a safe queen pistol that I have only ever shot once.

ED. What he doesn’t say is he sold an Automag , a fairly rare piece made famous by a Clint Eastwood movie. All around a cool gun.

I decided that I wanted a .30-06 bolt action rifle made from carbon steel with a wood stock.

I wanted to take a step back in time when craftsman were allowed to perfect their trade. It seems like most affordable bolt actions made today are poorly constructed using plastic in place of wood.

I can appreciate modern technology in the form of a top shelf synthetic stock like HS Precision or McMillan. I am on a tight budget, so those are not a viable option for me.

I began searching for a new to me rifle. I went to all of the local gun stores in my area. Frustration began to set in as I could not find what I was looking for in my mind’s eye.

Then I walked into High Country Guns and Knives in Prescott, AZ. I found a Dickson-Howa Golden Bear, .30-06 bolt action, blued carbon steel with a wood stock for a more than fair price.IMG_1444.jpg?resize=300%2C138

The rifle was built in 1967. It is a Japanese clone of a SAKO Finnbear. The bore was shinny and bright. It was exactly what I was looking for in an affordable rifle. It followed me home.
The next decision was what scope to put on it.

My friend informed me that the farthest realistic range for the hunting area we are going to is 200 yards or less.

Years ago I purchased a Trijicon 1.25-4X Accupoint for an AR-15. Repurposing the scope was the most affordable option for me, but I still needed to buy a set of scope rings.

I was set on Redfield rings. My friend suggested that I look at what Leupold had to offer. I am happy he gave me another option. After researching both brands I decided on the Leupold rings because they allowed the scope to be mounted much lower than the Redfield rings.
I repurposed a set of sling swivels of an unknown brand and a 1” Brownells Latigo Sling.


I am now in the process of load development. I bought 100 pieces of Norma Brass, 100 Federal Trophy Bonded Tip 165 grain bullets, Federal Gold Medal Primers and VV N550 powder. I borrowed a set of RCBS .30-06 reloading dies from a friend

.IMG_1439.jpg?resize=300%2C259 IMG_1442.jpg?resize=233%2C300IMG_1443.jpg?resize=300%2C93

Rodney R


Look for the next in this series upcoming

My First Big Game Hunt pt 1


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