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Is keto not working for you?

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I have been on the Keto Diet for a few months and I am loosing my gut and feeling better than I have in 20 years. My joints aren’t swollen, I don’t have the back problems I had, I have more energy and I sleep like I’m dead

Ive wanted to write something just like this for a while and I found it posted on FB, believe it or not. I give full credit to the author, he is posted at the bottom of the page, you should friend him on FB and follow him.

Good, proven supplements are also important, and I stand behind them as well


Enough from me, enjoy the post.




Is keto not working for you?

Well, I have an explanation that I wrote to a person in need of help.

A failproof way to do keto. I did several months of 10 hour days researching “Correct” keto. Before even starting. Yes, I have lost over 30 pounds in 30 days.
(Some rare people have a medical condition, and/or have certain medications that may make this not work as quickly, or correctly, and they should seek a pro keto specialist doctor in those cases. I am not a doctor, I am only repeating doctors.)
But for the rest of us, this is a way that will work. There is no way around it. 🙂
If I sound like the “Keto police”, lol, I am not. I am the CHIEF of the keto police. Lol. 😉
Want to get into the mind of a person that actually comes across as “Knowing it all” but in truth realizes nobody can know it all? Buckle up. Because this is strict keto. And you WILL see results if followed! There is no way you cannot.

Here is what I wrote. Please no hate towards this post. It is correct, and intended for those that want to be very strict to achieve the very best results. Because keto is not a diet. It is a new understanding of the nutrition and eating patterns needed to be at your optimal health. I do this to hopefully save lives. Here we go.

“This will be easy. Only if you can be hardcore.
And realize, others will butt into this conversation saying incorrect things, but what they say has not helped you yet. So please try what I share for yourself. 🙂

Whenever someone says “Breakfast”, “Snacks”, “Shakes”, and of course “Cheats”, I can see immediate red flags. But forget the cheats for now, that’s not the issue if they were that small, yet still an issue.

OK, ketosis and “Fat adapted” are not the same thing. But go hand in hand. And you need to become fat adapted.
You need to be in a constant state of ketosis for a long enough period of time (sometimes a month or two) for the body to learn a new trick, and that “Trick” is how to recognize and use fat as it’s primary fuel source. Once it learns that trick, you are fat adapted.

The good news? You only have to become fat adapted one time! Your body will remember it like muscle memory.
Now, to get fat adapted, you need to be in ketosis a long while, and contrary to what I see being spread here, you need to start intermittent fasting tomorrow. You can start slowly intermittent fasting over a week, and gradually get to your new “Eating window” that I will discuss in a moment. And you need to do it for life. Or as long as you want to be healthy.

Remember this, WHEN you eat is as important as WHAT you eat!!!
Snacking is NOT real keto.

Read that again. Because when you snack, no matter how good a food, you are spiking your insulin levels, and there is no constant blood sugar. The reason you feel tired is because of this. When we get you IF (intermittent fasting) correctly, you will no longer feel hungry in between meals! Because fat as a fuel burns strong and long!

All this eating is confusing your body, and it is not getting you one step closer to fat adaptation. (Knowing it can use fat as it’s primarily fuel source). And a main reason why some people fail. Yes, I will repeat certain things. Lol.

I want you to pick an 8 hour window a day to eat in. You will NOT have ANYTHING outside the time frame to eat AT ALL, and ONLY drink water, or straight black coffee, or green tea! Remember, this is the strict way, because we need you to start seeing results! (And I am not yelling with the capitalization, we just don’t have italics here for emphasizing things, lol.)

I choose noon to 8pm for my eating “Window”. Because I can make it without breakfast, and still have a nice big meal later in the evening to keep me satisfied through my 16 hour fast. (Good thing you sleep 7-8 hours of that fast, and yes, it counts! Sleeping is the best fasting there is, because you can’t cheat while asleep! Lol, 🙂 )
This fasting mixed with your high fat eating window is how you teach the body to become fat adapted.

Your body needs to trust you.
By staying in a state of ketosis over a long enough period of time builds that trust.

You NEED the proper electrolytes for keto! Your kidney’s are now excreting sodium rapidly in ketosis! It will CURE “Keto flu”! Or keep it from happening!
Sodium. Use pink Himalayan salt. (It has 84 micronutrients) the broth is gone now BTW.
Potassium. Get the salt substitute called “No salt” it is potassium chloride.
Mix both into your food, you will get some potassium from your greens, especially avocado, but you need over 4500mg a day of potassium!
Magnesium. Take 1 – 250mg pill each day with your first meal.
You need B vitamins on keto!
Buy “Nutritional Yeast” and have a couple of teaspoons a day, I just mix the flakes into my food. This stuff has most all B vitamins in a way best to be absorbed by the body.
Also, buy ACV (Apple cider vinegar) with “mother”, shake the bottle well, and pour a couple of tablespoons in some water and some No salt, and pink salt. Drink this a half hour before each of your meals. The brand I use is called “Braggs”. A little lemon juice can help the taste and is OK. There are pill forms that work, but not as well. Be strong and adapt. You CAN. So please DO.
The ACV helps your body absorb the nutrition from your food! It also promotes weight loss, and can stop upset stomach, muscle cramps, and a myriad other benefits! Drink it though a metal straw as it should not sit in plastic, nor on your teeth long.
I hope you use a phone app like Carb Manager, I like that one because it is easy for me. Whatever you use, learn it well, and it will help everything. You MUST follow the 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs (under 20 grams carbs per day, under 10 is even better).
Calories and macros matter! Too many calories, and you will gain weight, too few, and your body will go into starvation mode saving calories as fat. Use your phone app.
NOTE: Update your new weight in the app every week or more. As you lose weight, your caloric intake will go down, and your macro numbers change! Many people forget to do this and keep eating the same calories and macros as when they weighed more, making them “Stall”!
Too much protein vs fat turns into sugar! Always keep your fat intake above your protein intake.
Never have BPC! (Bullet proof coffee) unless in your window, though some can do it, it is the downfall of most. Black or no coffee.
Alchohol is NOT keto! Regardless of the type, or carbs, etc, just the alchohol in the drink itself can throw you out of ketosis.
Dr. Berg has several videos about that.
Don’t try and find a million ways to try and get things to “Seem” sugary. That want is going to go away with time. Once your body has been fat adapted long enough, when you slip up, you can be back on track very quickly! I have friends that have been keto two years, they are back into ketosis withing 24 hours of a mistake because their body trusts them, and sees it as a mistake. The longer you don’t mess up, the more trust the body has. If you mess up, it is not the end of the world. Just strive not to. Ever, if possible, lol.
(NOTE: You can cut this next portion of info into 3 meals instead of two, in the 8 hour window. With NO snacking in between).
So, your new day to true keto if you really want the weight loss and more importantly the health benefits, should be;
Wake up in the morning, have nothing but black coffee, water, or unsweetened green tea (no artificial sweeteners!).
Have your shaken AVC with pink salt and “No salt” mixed in water half hour before your first meal.
Eat your first meal.
Eat NOTHING, drink only water, black coffee, or only now, BPC (Bullet proof coffee), green tea.
Have the AVC drink again half hour before your second meal.
Eat your second meal.
Sleep great knowing you are now doing 100% keto Correctly!!
You do this for a month or two straight, and…
You WILL become fat adapted.
You WILL lose weight!
You WILL have more mind clarity.
YOU WILL NOT feel hungry or have cravings as badly.
You WILL have more and sustained energy.
You WILL have the best chance at fighting current or future disease!
You WILL feel less anxiety and depression.
You WILL be the best you, you can be! 😀
That, my friend, is failproof.
That, is TRUE keto.

Kevin Venture

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