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5 Must-Dos If You’re Confronted With A Knife

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Learning how to defend yourself during a knife attack should be top priority.  It is also time to demand changing laws that give an unfair advantage to criminals who will attack because they know you are at a legal disadvantage.

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I always at minimum have my tactical pen witch I will willingly fuck someone up if they try some shit Will I'm around but ever good brave citizen should take a dis arming class of some kind like I know semper-fu nd krav maga I'd suggest if you live by a dojo of an kind stop in and talk to someone about learning these things if it's any reputable place they'll help you the whole way and it won't cost much if your embarrassed to ask or fight in front of some1 well you probably should go home and stay there your not brave and I'm not talking to you.I only say this because I've notice in the civ world people have issues with this stuff.

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