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So I started looking into buying a upper and lower for a new ar 10 how do I find one selectively for a 7mm or a .300 if i order them do I just send it to my local gun store. Like when I buy a gun off line and when it's assembled do I take it to someone to inspect i never did a complete gun build that I wanted the public meaning anybody know about any help or advice would be greatly appreciated again id like it to a 7mm rem mag .300 win mag unless you think you can help me with a new battle rifle in .308 better...I had a hand in building my f1 ar10 .308 it's my mbr it got a binary trigger it nice i kinda wanna sell it because I wanna build my mbr .or assemble.I should say.

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You buy the lower and send it to a ffl.  Fill out the 4473 and get it.   The upper and lower parts kit can all be shipped to your house  

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