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Beretta has announced they are discontinuing the ARX and the prices have dropped trough the floor. Originally around $1900 the black version can be had for $900 or less if you can find them in stock. the FDE version runs a little higher and doesn't come with all the stuff the black version has. In the box you get: A Nice softside case with 2 Italian military 30 round Stanag mags,  the rifle, a sling, sights (already mounted), a sight adjustment tool, and the manual and other typical paperwork.

Here's my observations:

Workmanship is typical Beretta, always crisp and clean with a nice tight fit and no rattling. Field stripping is too easy, and pulling the barrel for cleaning is as easy as it can get: lock the bolt back, pull the latches down, and yank it out. To put it back in just seat it and push, it snaps back into place with a good loud positive click.

Everything on this rifle can be done with the tip of a bullet.

Ergonomics are outstanding. Only thing I would like is a larger safety lever, but it isn’t a deal breaker. The ‘pregnant guppy” shape isn’t that bad. The beefy side rails can be taken off but that leaves the mounting bulges which are part of the receiver. Dry the rifle feels a little front heavy however loaded it balances out nicely. The rails aren’t really an issue, as I found the back of the rail makes for
a good thumb indexing position. You aren’t going to use a c-clamp grip on this rifle.

Fully ambidextrous out of the box. No disassembly, all it takes is the tip of a round to switch it over.

Lightweight, around 6 lbs. dry.

Length of pull is fine with a PC, may be short without.

The stock sights suck. Sight height with the stock sights is too high, a set of Troy Micros can fix that. I pulled the sights off and used a PA Micro with QD mount and it was at just the right height.

There is an aftermarket cheek riser available pretty cheap.

Trigger pull is on the heavy side, 9-10 lbs. (Typical for a Euro military trigger). The aftermarket trigger can drop that to around 5.

Brass ejection is positive, throwing around 5 feet to the 2o’clock position, 10 o’clock on lefty config.

Recoil impulse and muzzle rise is pretty much non-existent. Given how light the rifle is that is impressive.

I zeroed the RDS and test fired using 20 rounds of PMC X-Tac 62g. on a 4” steel plate @ 100 yards. After a couple of rounds to get the RDS on it hit consistently with the remaining rounds. Using a gen2 MOE Pmag I experienced no issues.

Overall well worth $900. 


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I kinda like semi auto battle rifles that ain't ars but I get sticking to that platform do you have beefier parts in your ars you biuld like do you swap plastic for metal parts I've always had problems with cheap ars but I've fired and tried  breaking my buddy's he made one real tough for about 800$ he said..,it's a ar-15 in .243 all the parts are metal it's funny it weights more than my ar-10 it's 11.5 lbs.but it's strong....just wo

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I didn't really try to break it I just ran alot of rounds through it fast looking to get a failure to feed or eject or something just to clarify I'm not the guy that to break people's stuff.

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2 hours ago, Ripcannon said:

is it ez as ar ak to field.

As easy, in some regards easier and faster to clean. I can have the entire barrel and gas system out in under 5 seconds.

The Battlestar Galactica rifle was the CX4, which is one of my wife's favorites, she rings steel with hers at 100 yards consistently, which for a 9mm PCC is damn good.

ARs? Got more than enough already and still have builds to play with when I feel like it.  Been collecting since I was a buck private with an enlistment bonus over 30 years ago. Is this going to be my go to rifle? No,  I'll still rock my FAL. But this is a great addition to the collection and one that is going to appreciate over the years.

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