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Lloyd’s of London Latest Insurer To Abandon NRA

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There are people who think the NRA is out of line for their lawsuit against the state of New York. After all, those people argue, Governor Andrew Cuomo has a right to say whatever he wants, just like the rest of us.

To be sure, the freedom of speech is a sacred right, one equally as important as the right to keep and bear arms. I won’t support anyone trying to quell someone else’s freedom of speech.

However, that’s not what happened in New York. There, a powerful political figure with regulatory oversight of an industry directed that industry to basically make life difficult for a group of ideological opponents. What’s more, it’s working.

Not just has Lockton backed out of the NRA Carry Guard program, but now, so has Lloyds of London.

The Lloyd’s Corporation has given very careful consideration as to whether syndicates at Lloyd’s should continue to insure programmes offered, marketed, endorsed or otherwise made available through the National Rifle Association of America (NRA).

This is now subject to an inquiry by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Therefore Lloyd’s Corporation has decided to direct underwriters in the market to terminate any existing programmes of this type and not to enter into any new ones.

Make no mistake, this is all part of an assault by the state of New York to undermine the mission of the National Rifle Association. Carry Guard isn’t the only self-defense insurance plan out there, but it’s the one under assault. Why? Because it’s part of the NRA and, in Cuomo’s mind, the NRA are the bad guys.

Unfortunately, Cuomo is overstepping his bounds. While courts based in New York will probably allow this crap to continue, the NRA is smart enough and has deep enough pockets to challenge this all the way to the Supreme Court. While the Court seems to be reluctant to get involved in gun cases lately, that’s not what this is.

This is about government overreach.

Lloyds of London has a reputation for insuring pretty much anything. Seriously, look at this list and tell me what you think they won’t insure. I’ll wait.

Yet now the company has decided it won’t insure programs through the NRA. I have a hard time believing that this has anything to do with the company’s own decision making and is more of a result of pressure from the state of New York.

While Lloyd’s isn’t based in New York, most financial companies like them at least have a significant presence in the state. Because of this, Cuomo’s government has a rather disproportional influence on their business. What’s more, I think Lloyd’s wants people to know it.

After all, look at the second paragraph in their statement. If that doesn’t look like pressure from New York, I don’t know what does.

The state of New York has never been considered gun friendly. No one has labored under any illusions otherwise. Not for a long time now. However, I never thought I’d see this kind of underhanded nonsense taking place in broad daylight for all to see and be allowed to continue.

Hence, the lawsuit. May it be heard quickly.

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