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Police Scanners and Multi Frequency Recievers- A must in your tool box

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Police Scanners and Multi Frequency Recievers- A must in your tool box

I was scanning through news articles yesterday and I came across a hack piece from a libtard site calling for the banning of police scanners, for of all reasons it allows people to listen to police and to rush to the scene of a crime, accident, debauchery or whatever the case may be.

I refuse to link to it, its just not something I’m going to waste bandwidth on.

However, it was a fine liberal slant on something I think everyone absolutely needs to have in their communications tool box.

This is NOT an option.

You, and by osmosis your group or family needs to have multiple ways of receiving information, and definitely not just from “official” channels.

I, in a few ways am privy to how and track how “real” information gets skewed into what is the general story printed or online.

For the majority of my adult life I have been on the sharp end of things and reading the Official WORD after everything has panned out, has shown me what really happens is almost always slanted or just reported incompetently.

Yes, people fill in the blanks by making things up or just saying what fits what they want to believe.

I know, right? Who would have known?

Its that important

As Ive posted here before, and I try not to rehash posts but this is something everyone need to have

A Trunking, P25 phase 1 and 2, and multi digital mode capable scanner is your most effective line of defense to local emergencies.

Uniden BCD996P2 Base/Mobile PROGRAMMED Phase II Digital Scanner

And I linked you one which comes preprogrammed for the lazy and the “one size fits all” crowd

CB Radio

Lets cut through the BS. Yes, every drunk, driving a lifted truck has one and never shuts up. Between that and the beer cans coming out the window and ZZ Top blaring out of the speakers it gives a negative view for most of us.

Still, the frequencies need to be monitored, it wont take long to figure out the local channels you really don’t want to listen too, and that’s fine. I lock out a few channels too.

CB radios need to do some simple things

  1. The must be capable of Side Band (SSB) operation. End of story
  2. They must stay on frequency no matter how warm the radio gets. Cheap radios tend to float off the set frequency, don’t fall for that trap with cheap junk.
  3. They must be able to accept common connectors for antennas and you need to make room for at least a listening antenna.

A long wire loop works well, but don’t transmit on it

The best CB radio on the market today is still

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand (980SSB)

I have 2 of these, one mounted in a plastic ammo box for use in whatever truck I’m driving and one mounted at home with a real antenna on the roof.

This is just a quick look at where you should begin getting your communications listening station established.

Its not tactical, not a sexy as armor and guns but its a necessary tool in your tool box.

Police Scanners and Multi Frequency Recievers- A must in your tool box

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