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This article gives a hint to the next tactic in gun confiscation, mandatory storage laws.  I'm all for personal responsibility and safety but not everyone has the same needs, financial abilities to buy or area for safes and other storage methods.  Lets face it, if a certain gun is a home defense weapon, you aren't wanting to have to take the time to unlock it if an emergency need arises.  So my prediction is first they will go for legislation to require trigger locks and safes for storage in the home.  Then later as mass shooting continue, they will start passing laws to require people to store their guns in private gun club storage (as in GB, Australia) to be checked out only for target practice on site or hunting with a permit, and perhaps later in government regulated storage.  That will end up putting the bulk of all firearms under government control so they will be able to completely confiscate and dispose of them later.




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If you come to my house I have visible guns in every room next to loaded mag or a box of shells my kids no better and when there friends come over they can't get at um it's called brackets and keylocks in my household everyone wears a neckless or bracelet with the key it's a pretty simple method but as to a gun laying out know your kids and that will dictate if it's ok or not....I've told my kids for ever that they were born with a inalienable right to defend themselves and I'm not gonna make it impossible.

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