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Is America Facing A Parenting Crisis?

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It has happened again. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Another deranged young man has entered a school, with the intent of killing a bunch of people and going out in infamy.

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They won't push the wrong narrative theres 1000s of cases were guns save people but the left and even some of the right are for less 2a rights till theres no foot to stand on and the UN coming in for a major confiscation this being said a select few must stand strong i got plenty of hidden g's....if you know what I mean...I swore to protect the constitution i damn well ment it....side note hell yeah its always the parents fault when there kid acts like a jackass some say no but I say being a good parent is engraving on your kids head to always help never hurt and a good lesson in being a great citizen.

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simple.....Ban children...or maybe have a very high kid tax, registration, three year wait time and... extensive training to have children. ..ie must prove competency. 

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