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TRAILER: ‘Battlefield 5’ Returns Franchise to World War II

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The “Battlefield 5” trailer has officially dropped. Check it out above.

This latest installment sees the “Battlefield” franchise returning to World War II for the first time since “Battlefield 1943,” which hit shelves back in 2009.

“Battlefield 5” Modes

According to the press release, the new game will be playable in single-player “War Stories” mode; two new multiplayer modes called “Combined Arms” and “Grand Operations”; and returning multiplayer modes called “Conquest,” “Frontlines,” “Domination,” “Team Deathmatch,” and “Breakthrough.”

As Polygon notes, the “War Stories” single-player mode essentially tells “war stories” from around the world. Each war story will be unrelated, and each will have multiple missions comprising a story arc. The first war story will be called “Nordlys.” It’s set in Norway in 1943 and revolves around a young “resistance fighter” who must save her family. EA studio DICE says other areas of operation for war stories will include Greece, France, North Africa and Rotterdam.

The “Combined Arms” multiplayer option is essentially a four-player co-op mode where players team up to take on randomly-generated missions. PC Gamer says. Meanwhile, “Grand Operations” is a large-scale, 64-player battle that takes places over three or four matches, and on multiple maps and modes. Each match represents a day in a battle, and the outcome of each match will affect the next one.

Player Classes

“Battlefield 5” will also feature four main soldier classes: Assault, Support, Medic, and Scout. Each class has a specific set of guns, gear and vehicles. Players will be able to unlock additional goodies within each class. Players can customize their soldiers, weapons and vehicles “that will evolve as they progress,” EA’s press release says. They’ll also be able to “tow stationary weapons, build fortifications and repair war-torn structures to turn the battlefield” to their advantage.

Best of all, there’s no premium pass, meaning all players will have access to the same maps, missions and modes that will be released in post-launch updates. EA is calling this rollout of updates “Tides of War.”

Excited? We sure as heck are. “Battlefield 5” will be available worldwide Oct. 19 on Xbox One, PS4 and Origin for PC. Those who order the deluxe edition will get access to the game three days early on Oct. 16. EA Access and Origin Access members will get access on Oct. 11.

For more, go to Battlefield.com.

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