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Professional Gun Cleaning? It’s A Thing, Apparently

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Maybe I’m weird, but while I hate sweeping and mopping the floor or washing the dishes, I enjoy cleaning my guns. It’s almost a zen experience for me in a weird way. It’s why one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents was a gun cleaning kit in a nice wooden case my father bought me several years ago.

Again, maybe I’m weird.

But the last thing in the world I’d have thought about was cleaning other people’s guns, except as an occasional favor for someone. Apparently, I missed out on a business opportunity, but someone else didn’t.

When I first heard about the concept of having somebody come to my home to clean my guns, I thought, “Well, that’s a nice idea for rich folks with more guns than time.” But when High Caliber Weapons Detailing showed up to my apartment, I realized there’s a lot more to it than that.

I’m not necessarily a man who hates cleaning his guns. I absolutely love the smell of Hoppe’s 9. My BoreSnakes and Rem Cloth keep my guns in good shape with a nice sheen between deep cleans.

Like any honest gun owner, however, I can admit that I don’t do a deep clean of all my guns as often as I would like. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never stiped my Ruger 10/22 or my Remington 870 Express to do a deep clean. And, like most gun owners, I’ve had my guns get dirty enough to affect their function.

So, when High Caliber agreed to come out and show me how they work for this review, I figured why not? It might not be something I’d pay for on my own but at the very least I’ll get my guns cleaned, and I won’t even have to leave my apartment. After going through their process, I realized it’s actually a service I can recommend not just for the wealthy or lazy gun owner but also for people like me who fall somewhere in the middle of those two scales.

They had every cleaning implement you can imagine, from Swab-its to star chamber scrubbers to bolt scrapers. And, best of all, they had a seven-gallon Crest Ultrasonic machine. They knew how to strip every one of my guns down to their base components. They knew which firearms finishes should be cleaned with which solvents. They knew how to reassemble everything back into perfect working order.

I’ll admit, I don’t do the deep cleaning either. Not like I probably should. In part because I’m notorious for taking things apart and them never getting back together right.

So, maybe I didn’t miss out on an opportunity, but it also sounds like someone figured out a way to take their love of firearms and make a living out of it in a whole new direction.

And that’s good.

Frankly, I wish this service was in my town. I think they’d be doing some deep cleanings on a couple of my guns that probably could use it.

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WD40 is pretty much fish oil, which is why it leaves such a nasty residue and a NONO on firearms. I've used a lot of stuff over the years but I always go back to non chlorinated brake cleaner and  hoppes foaming bore cleaner for initial cleaning, and break free for follow up cleanings and lube.


After hunting seasons I usually make a few good bucks doing a deep clean and lube on guys rifles. Never underestimate how much some lazy guy is willing to pay to have the job done right.

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